Numerology Number 7 – Personality, Love & Career

The number 7 is undoubtedly sacred as in the world. There are 7 weekdays, 7 seas, 7 principal colors, 7 stars (Saptarishi), 7 parts of the earth, 7 metals, 7 mountains, 7 wonders and 7 sounds. Hence, it can be safely said that there is no other vibration that can be directed more inwardly than the number Seven.

Number 7 – Numerology Number 7 Facts and Meaning

Number 7 Meaning in Numerology

In texts related to Numerology, you’ll get a detailed analysis of the spiritual values. The number 1 might be a solo number in the worldly sense but the number 7 is removed from the whole world. Let’s move on to explore the qualities and attributes of numerology Number 7.

More on Numerology Number 7

The number Seven was considered as a spiritual number by Pythagoras, the Great Father of numerology and mathematics. The shape of 7 is similar to a shepherd’s crook. It symbolises the uninterrupted flow of kundalini from the lower end of the spine to the third eye that lies in the forehead and between the two eyes.

The third eye is called the Tisra Til or the Tenth Gate in mystical circles. It is also considered as the secret gateway that provides you an opening to the inner worlds.

Number 7 – What are the unique characteristic traits?

People who are born on 7, 16 and 25 of any month are called Number 7 people. If the total of their date of birth is 7, they’re number 7 people.

Seven is introspective, deep, private, personal, intuitive, separate, secret, distant and also indifferent to the entire outer world. However, a number 7 isn’t indifferent to the inner world of intrigue, secret and hidden enigma.

A number 7 is inquisitive, analytics and seeks perfection in everything they do. People who are number 7 often tend to be critical. It always searches the reason behind everything before believing in it.

Those who have a strong urge to know the cosmos, the secrets of life and everything on the universe strongly have 7 activated in their lives.

This number signifies the dire need of humanity to find the meaning, depth and spiritual connection. When a number 7 requires self-expression, materialistic possessions and domestic achievements are all met, they turn to deeper things.

A number 7 is always an investigator, loves solitude where it can listen to its inner voice. Seven is always eccentric, different and loners in several areas of life.

Ketu rules Number 7

In terms of Vedic Numerology, south node of moonie is related to this number. This is usually called a ‘shadow planet’. In general, Ketu is considered antagonistic and is majorly related to ominous and negative aspects.

This planet is touted to be a difficult one as it always brings in trouble to the materialistic world. This brings a strong sense of loss, detachment and confusion in a person’s life.

The characteristic traits of number 7 are in strong opposition to number 2. He often renders the nature dreamy and sensuous when he is active. On the contrary, when he is passive, he has a tendency of engaging in fraud.

It is tough to understand the secrets of a number 7. He can read the minds of other people and often show interest in religious rituals. He loves to listen to words of appreciation.

Number 7 – Personality traits

A person, in whose chart, 7 dominates, is usually chosen out of a group. That person will be an introvert and sometimes shy. However, shy shouldn’t be mistaken for low self-esteem. Such a person is never comfortable in social surroundings. A number 7 is always an intellectual, but his intellect doesn’t get obvious at their early age.

His intellect is that of an explorer, a dreamer and a person who has an off-the-track perspective of the world. While there are lots who believe in the metaphysical, they don’t do so as they’re believers but they do so in order to access the abstract world of doubts.

Number 7 – Destiny or Expression Number

If you take into account the meaning of number 7 from the Karmic perspective, 7 is certainly an appropriate place to settle in.

These people work hard to boost their levels of vibrations by making use of life patterns. However, the number 7 never sees themselves as anyone unique or special. When a number 7 is not involved in any task, they will discuss the visionary meaning to those who may listen to him.

The non-7s can take into note the fact that if you have a 7 walking by you, you will tend to get lots of information through your dreams.

The dream or sleep time is the time when your brain downloads all data that it has assembled without your awareness. You have to focus on these messages and interpret the dreams later on.

Number 7 – Soul or Heart’s Desire number

The ultimate soul of a number 7 will always find solace in solitude. They are believers of the fact that in uncluttered and quiet moments, the mind will be able to both see and listen to God.

Whenever there is a 7 in your life, you have to be ready to give them their cave space where their brain rejuvenates. This is necessary and healthy for 7. And in case they’re not given this space, they get irritated very soon.

Even with their attention, there’s also a softer personality of number 7 that is able to perform good things, even in case of romance. The mind and soul of a number 7 always gets attracted towards people with good values and solid ethics.

They can debate against the most intense minds while staying totally cordial. During this incarnation, they will strive hard to unravel the mysteries, whether they lie in their backyard or all over the world.

Hence, if you’re a number 7 or your date of birth sums up to number 7, you can expect the above mentioned personality and characteristic traits. If you’re dealing with a number 7, don’t forget to give him his private space.

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