Numerology Number 6 Meaning, Personality and Compatibility

In the world of numerology, it can’t be denied that each of the single digit numbers have their own personality, a range of traits that make them recognizable and unique.

So, if you wish to delve deep into the world of numerology and comprehend how each number affects us, you need to know more on each single-digit number as if it were a human being. The numbers have to be personified with their own talents, attributes, idiosyncrasies and shortcomings.

Number 6 In Numerology – Personality Traits & Characteristics

Numerology Number 6 Meaning

The number 6 is considered as the most amicable among all the other single-digit numbers. However that doesn’t mean that it has no weaknesses and flaws. The caring and loving nature of the number 6 makes it the most influential one among other single-digit numbers.

The number 6 is nicknamed as the motherhood number as it is usually caring, sacrificing, preaching nature and nature of protecting others.

There’s no community or family that can function without the capability of 6 to keep them safe and together. She can bridge the gap within any community or family.

Numerology traits of Number 6

Personality Trait – All that you require is Love.

6 is definitely a magical number with which love is always in the air. The number 6 is dominated by Venus and is represented by The Lovers, Higher Arcana card. 6 is definitely a person who always strives to achieve perfect and unconditional love.

The number 6 is highly vibrating and empathic and 6 people are not just healers, humanitarian but also ultimate protectors. If your life is in trouble, it’s a 6 that can help you.

6 signifies Mother Goddess in several of its attributes, it is unselfish, nurturing, faithful, emotionally connective and an embodiment of divine grace.

In fact, there are several other holy numbers that get attracted to this peaceful number. However, it is also unfortunate to note that such traits will make 6 a submissive number of which other numbers can take undue advantage of.

Are you a number 6? If yes, people will label you as an idealistic. People will never ever get a grip on how you easily give more priority to other’s needs before your own.

This is exactly what is magical about a 6. This is certainly the most helpful partner who will make all shortcomings vanish with a big smile and a hug.

In terms of numerology, the number 6 builds by offering support to the other types of personality. If it involves any family member or a friend, a 6 can fight for justice and truth with the strength of an army.

Home and hearth are naturally peaceful to 6 and anything that plans to disrupt the harmony of their homes should run for shelter!

Life Path Number 6

Those who are ruled by life path number 6 are usually knights in shining armor to all those who are there around them. Your focus will always be on your community and home and you’ll have a knack of concentrating on the small things in life that really matter.

You are supposed to be the caretaker of the universe and your inner circle will always include paintings and people who are dedicated to nurturing and love.

A number 6 redefines the meaning of adopting a domestic life and you’re the one that has no problem in staying at home. Fanfare and friends usually don’t come your way as you meet them only according to your needs.

When 6s are happy, they make everyone around them content and happy. If you’re driven by the number 6, you will generally show your emotions unintentionally. On the other hand, if a 6 is sitting all alone doing nothing, it is certainly going to be a lazy night for all.

6s usually watch out for people in their lives who have altruistic characteristics. Sadly, the 6 might have even over-estimated a group or a person suddenly gets to know the other side of mankind. This makes the aura around 6s extremely itchy and 6s take a lot of time to trust a person deeply again.

Number 6 – A destiny or an expression number

It is seen that destiny is always kind to 6 as the number 6 is kind to everyone. As per numerology, the number 6 is a symbol of harmony. It has perfectly mastered the art of listening and applies it to wherever he can.

They never run after people as people are drawn by their charismatic personality. In case you sit and talk with a number 6, you needn’t be surprised if they tell you much more than what you wanted to listen.

If your number is 6, you’ll feel a natural affinity towards the ‘little guy’ and not only towards fellow human beings. Suppose you enter a pet shop, you will definitely choose the Lilliputian off the litter.

You love to watch over younger kids and you may happily choose the career of a Nanny or anything similar to that so that you can stay close to kids.

The number 6 – Numerology compatibility

The people driven by the number 6 are home bodies and hence they’re the most comfortable in their own space. Such a karmic number will always make a great elder brother and a parent. They tend to be most content when they’re surrounded by their basics as they are the ones from whom they draw energy.

Clutter, energy and confusion are never compatible with the number 6. They prefer a life and an environment that is not just calm but also comfortable. Though this doesn’t mean spending tons of hard-earned money but it means creating a happy space in every relation.

Few of the main healing crystals of number 6 are bloodstone, Citrine, Carnelian, Labradorite, Fancy Jasper, Red Onyx, Smoky Quartz, Seraphinite, Yellow Jasper, Obsidian and Snowflake. The Zodiac sign of number 6 is Gemini and Venus is its reigning planet.

So, if you’re someone who is ruled by Number 6, you should take into account the above mentioned information on this number.

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