Vastu Plan for South Facing House: Vastu Benefits of South Entrance House

Gone are the days when individuals used to build houses without any preparation, presently a great many people purchase homes in which the fundamental construction is as now planned. An exceptionally normal inquiry concerning Vastu for home is the course of the entry. This is on the grounds that individuals will more often than not keep away from homes with south entrances believing them to be ominous.

Vastu Plan for South Facing House

Nonetheless, that isn’t true. South-facing houses can be propitious assuming Vastu standards are applied appropriately. This article enlists Vastu solutions for south-facing houses.

Vastu for South-facing House

South-facing House – Vastu Tips For Home

Here are some fast vastu tips for a south-facing house. Investigate these Vastu tips for the home that you can integrate into your south-facing house.

  • While building or purchasing a house, particularly a south-facing house, make sure to look at the wall size and guarantee that the walls on the West and the South sides are higher and more grounded when contrasted with different sides of the house.
  • Another significant Vastu tip for a house is the state of the house. The state of the house assumes a significant part in Vastu. Consequently, a south-facing house ought to be compelled to be a square or a rectangular shape.
  • Vehicle parking, water pumps, and gardens ought to have stayed away from in the southwestern direction.
  • Attempt to establish large bloom plants or trees in the upper east side of the house; this will save the house from drawing in any bad energy.

Arrangement of the Main Door

For southern passageways, introducing the entryway either in the middle or a little towards the left is encouraged. Doing this will adjust the energies of your home and guarantee a cheerful and solid life for all individuals residing inside.

Extra Door in the North

Assuming you have an entry on the south wall of the house, making one more entry entryway in the North direction is suggested. This is one of the most outstanding Vastu for home cures that can eliminate south entry dosh.

Situation of Underground Water Tank

For a south-facing house, it is best practice to try not to put any tank or borewell before the house. You ought to take the assistance of a Vastu Shastra master to decide the best area for your water, stockpiling, and septic tank.

The Thickness of the Walls

A valuable Vastu for house tip is that the walls in the south and west ought to be thicker than the ones in the east or north course. Guaranteeing this will prompt the expulsion of dosh from your home.

Area of the Kitchen

In a south-facing house, making your kitchen in the east or west direction is great. While cooking, ensure you face the east. Doing this will assist with working on the strength of the whole family.

Entrance Door Color

It is accepted that an entry in the southeast direction can cause medical problems in the females of the family. A simple solution for this is to paint the primary entryway in red or brown color. This southeast entry Vastu tip ought to be followed to eliminate the Vastu imperfection.

The Direction of the Room

On the off chance that the primary entry of your house is from the south, try to construct your room in the east and west directions. This will assist with adjusting Vastu and will guarantee a simple progression of cosmic energy.

Rog Nivaran Yantra

At the point when a house has a southeast entry, it can prompt medical problems for the ladies of the house. To keep away from this from occurring, you ought to put a Rog Nivaran Yantra on the wall straightforwardly opposite the main entryway. This significant Vastu for house tip can eliminate dosh and can guarantee that the ladies of the family stay safe.

Area of the Garden

For homes confronting the south direction, Vastu Shastra licenses a nursery just in the south or south-east side. Any remaining region of the house ought to have stayed away from.

Solution for South East-facing Entry

Entrance in the southeast side can make a climate of stress, outrage, and pressure in the family. A southeast entry Vastu tip is to put two stickers of the Gayatri Mantra on each side of the door. Doing this can facilitate the family climate and construct amicability among the individuals.

By following the previously mentioned Vastu for home tips, your home can get a ton of flourishing and development. Try not to let myths about homes with south entry impact you, roll out a couple of improvements, and experience the inspiration that encompasses you.

Vastu Tips For South-facing House-Do’s and Don’ts

What To DO in a South-facing home according to Vastu standards

  1. Make the principal entrance door in the third or fourth pada of Vithatha or Gruhakshat while planning a Vastu plan for south-facing homes.
  2. According to Vastu tips, make sure to make the flight of stairs in the South, West, or South West bearings while doing south-facing home Vastu.
  3. South East is the best direction for the kitchen followed by North West. So, ensure your kitchen is set in both of these zones.
  4. The south-facing plot ought to constantly have its incline from south to North.
  5. As per vastu tips, east and West are the best directions to make a room in a south-facing home according to Vastu. Attempt to make space alongside a lounge area here to make progress and success.
  6. According to vastu principles garden is allowable in south-facing homes however it ought to just be towards the South East or South side.
  7. The walls in the South and West ought to be higher and thicker than the walls in the North and East.
  8. According to Vastu tips, the best area for a septic tank in south-facing homes according to Vastu is the West of North West or the South of South West.
  9. Make sure that the flow of wastewater is from south to north.

What To avoid from in a South-facing home according to Vastu-


  1. Never open an entry in the South West corner of a south-facing plot. This could be grievous.
  2. Avoid an entry in the specific South East corner of a South-facing plot.
  3. There ought not to be any underground water source on the front side of a south-facing plot.
  4. Avoid the composition of the façade or the primary entry of a south-facing home in dark or blue tones.
  5. As per Vastu principles, there ought not to be any T-point before a south-facing plot, particularly on the southwest side.
  6. Avoid a cut or expansion of the southwest corner of a south-facing house. Undoubtedly be cautious with the situation of mirrors to deal with these cuts in a south-facing house.
  7. Strictly try not to make a kitchen in the South West corner
  8. Avoid making a nursery or keeping plants in the Southwest corner.
  9. The guest room ought to likewise never be situated in the South West corner.

South-facing House Vastu FAQs:

Q1. What are the upsides of a south-facing house Vastu?

A: South-facing houses when built according to Vastu can bring enormous measures of riches and distinction. Other than that, the principal benefit of a south-facing home is the wealth of daylight during the day.

Q2. What are the drawbacks of a south-facing house?

A: Erroneously developed South-facing houses can prompt gigantic monetary misfortunes and obligations. The south direction being controlled by Lord Yama needs absolute attention to detail while planning.

Q3. How can I say whether my home is south-facing?

A: If while leaving the principal entrance entryway, your direction towards the South path, then, at that point, your home is viewed as a south-facing house.

Q4. South-facing houses are appropriate for which Rashi or calling?

A: As indicated by Vastu, a south-facing home is ideal for Vrishabha (Taurus), Kanya (Virgo), and Makar (Capricorn) Rashi. Likewise, it is really great for property sellers, cooks, attorneys, and specialists.

Level and width of the limit walls according to Vastu

The level and width of the limit walls likewise should be painstakingly settled.

The height of the southern walls ought to be more noteworthy than the walls in the north and the east. Likewise, the walls in the south ought to be thicker when contrasted with the ones on the north side.

The thick walls will retain the exorbitant heat during the evening and the high walls will shield the house from direct evening daylight.

Do remember this significant standard while planning a South-facing house Vastu plan.

Slopes of the south-facing plot

According to Vastu tips and direction, the slant of a house or plot ought to continuously be towards the North, East, or North East of the plot.

One ought to guarantee that the plot is higher on the south side and lower towards the north and east.

This is a general guideline one should continue in a wide range of designs.

A contrary incline, for example, a plot inclining towards the south brings destitution and weakness. Individuals residing in such houses find it hard to fill in all parts of life.


Throughout the long term, South-facing houses have procured a terrible standing.

Most Vastu pandits recommend staying away from such houses.

You ought to constantly enlist Vastu specialists prior to building a house in either north west or southwest course.

Nonetheless, truly South-facing houses can be fortunate for many individuals as examined previously. They can prompt phenomenal development and cheerful connections.

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