North Facing House Vastu Plan – Tips to Attract Wealth & Prosperity

Vastu Shastra is the customary Indian study of architecture expecting to guarantee satisfaction, prosperity, and flourishing. Since the north is the course of Lord Kuber – the defender of wealth, a north-facing house Vastu plan is strongly prescribed to draw in riches and success. A great many people accept that having a North-facing house itself is favorable. In any case, this isn’t the main variable that guarantees everything is great.

North Facing House Vastu Plan

According to Vastu, picking the right situation, direction, and colors for your north-facing house is necessary. Accordingly, you should follow specific Vastu tips while arranging the house’s format. We should examine the best north-facing house Vastu plan exhaustively.

North-facing House Plan according to Vastu Shastra

As indicated by Vastu, each niche and corner of your north-facing home requires consideration, from the entry and kitchen to your room and restroom. To make your north-facing home Vastu objection, adhere to the beneath referenced rules.

North-facing House Vastu Plan – Lounge

We should begin from the north-facing living room Vastu. The lounge room ought to preferably be in the northwest or the upper east course, as per the north-facing house Vastu plan.

Likewise, guarantee that any weighty furniture, like a table or a couch, ought to be set in the west or the southwest heading of the living region. Conversely, electronic contraptions and apparatuses ought to be in the southeast district of the house.

North-facing House Vastu Plan – Kitchen Vastu

Presently comes the core of the home – the kitchen. According to the north-facing house plan, the kitchen ought to in a perfect world be in the southeast heading of the house. That is on the grounds that the fire element or Agni oversees the southeast direction. Nonetheless, in the event that you can’t plan the kitchen in the southeast course, you can pick the northwest-confronting bearing. It is likewise a good choice for a north-facing house plan according to Vastu.

North-facing House Vastu Plan – Room Vastu

Discussing the master bedroom of the house, the southwest course is ideal with the entryway in either the west, north or east wall, according to the Vastu for a north-facing house plan. You should keep away from the southeast course; it can cause fights, as Agni runs the heading. Also, the bed ought to be in the south or east course of the house and ought to never be opposite the door.

Note: The west course is great for a children’s room, while the northwest is reasonable for a visitor room, as indicated by Vastu.

North-facing House Vastu Plan With Pooja Room

North-facing house Vastu plan with pooja room is one of the critical regions where you would have zero desire to veer off-track with the arrangement. To that end, you want a north-facing house plan with a pooja room.

The all-powerful presence is in the east or west course of a home. Hence, the Vastu shastra proposes the upper east heading for the pooja room. It is the ideal heading as it gets the greatest solar energy.

North-facing House Vastu Plan – Bathroom Vastu

The restroom in a house is fundamental as it cleans the body and dispenses waste. In this manner, one of the main Vastu tips is to guarantee that the latrine/washroom is in the southwest, south, west, and northwest zone of a north-facing house plan.

North-facing House Vastu Plan – Staircase Vastu

One more significant piece of the house that ought to be finished with exhaustive arranging is the staircase Vastu home.

If you intend to develop a flight of stairs inside your north-facing home, attempt to have it in a good bearing to find harmony, energy, and overflow at home. Furthermore, for an inner flight of stairs, the Vastu directions, like north-west, south-west, and south-east, are energetically suggested. The course you should keep away from while anticipating the flight of stairs Vastu at home is north and north-east as it can cause medical conditions and monetary insecurity to the relatives.

Significance of Padas in a North-facing House Vastu Plan

As per the north-facing house Vastu plan, the primary entry of a north-facing house is clearly in the North heading. In any case, strangely, there are numerous padas in a house, and that is the most pivotal part to be viewed in a north-facing house plan. The north zone (from the upper east toward the northwest bearing) is separated into nine padas.

Out of those, according to the north-facing house Vastu plan, the fifth pada is supposed to be the most favorable, as it is the course of Lord Kuber. Aside from the fifth pada, the third, fourth, and eighth padas are additionally viewed as advantageous and add to the expansion of riches.

North-facing House Vastu Plan for a Duplex

The north-facing house plan according to Vastu for a duplex marginally contrasts with other house plans. Here are a few helpful hints you should observe:

  • Plan the room on the duplex’s first floor.
  • Plan the study room in a peaceful corner of the duplex for better concentration.
  • Guarantee that the senior individuals from your family have their rooms on the primary floor of the duplex.
  • The balconies on the primary floor of the duplex ought to look towards the upper east.
  • The pooja room in your north-facing house plan ought to be in the upper-east heading.
  • Keep Vastu-friendly plants, for example, money plants, neem plants, basil plants, and so on, on the primary floor of the duplex to draw in energy.

North-facing House Vastu Plan for a Plot

A north-facing house plan according to Vastu is viewed as propitious. Notwithstanding, in the event that you haven’t yet fabricated the house and have just brought a plot, guarantee the boundary walls in the north and east directions are slenderer than the walls in the south and west directions.

Vastu Shastra additionally proposes that the slope of your plot isn’t in the southwest bearing. It is on the grounds that a slant that way can prompt monetary misfortunes. In this manner, the plot’s slant ought to be east or north.

A plot stretching out in the upper east bearing is positive and draws in success.

Best Colors for a North-facing House Plan

The varieties in the house assume a fundamental part in a Vastu house plan. Vastu Shastra recommends light tones and impartial varieties. We should take a gander at the best colors for a north-facing house plan.

  • The Vastu shastra orders neutral shades, for example, cream, warm grey, khaki, and white as reasonable tones for a north-facing house plan. One can likewise go for a warm tone of blue and green in the event that you need splendid varieties.
  • For the entry door of the house, preferably, the door ought to be set in the northern portion of the eastern portion of the front region of the house, and the primary entryway can be of green or silver tone.
  • Coming to the curtains in the north-facing room, the variety you should select is light green, and to defeat any monetary misfortunes at home, you can balance shades in blue in the north-facing room.

Colors not to choose In A North-facing House Vastu Plan

  • As per Vastu shastra, you should try not to utilize dark colors, for example, red and maroon in a north-facing home.
  • For the outside of the house, keep away from red or yellow colors.
  • No for the Kitchen Vastu for the north-facing house; stay away from the dark variety of marble pieces in the southeast direction.

North-facing Houses Is Great for homeowners from which career?

North direction, which is governed by the Lord of Wealth, is reasonable for entrepreneurs and those functioning in the money area, like investors, brokers, chartered accountants, and so on. A north-facing house Vastu plan is accepted to support the development of individuals in this profession field.

Significant Dos and Don’ts For North-facing House Vastu Plan


  • While arranging the design of your north-facing house Vastu plan, guarantee you have a wooden main door, which is likewise the greatest in the home. Likewise, add a mat at the entry of the principal entryway to shut off negativity.
  • Assuming that you wish to carry harmony and add newness to the house flows, place plants like bromeliads, aglaonema, hedera, and greeneries are strongly suggested by the north-facing house Vastu plan.
  • The wastewater outlets in the house should be placed in the south or north corners of the house.


  • Guarantee that the kitchen, washroom, and restroom are not in the northeast zone.
  • You shouldn’t have the main door or the entry of your home in the sixth pada.
  • In a north-facing house Vastu plan, to try not to put mirrors in the south or southeast heading of the house.
  • A major no for involving dark marble for the kitchen ledge.
  • No room, restroom, or kitchen ought to be in the upper east corner. On the off chance that you as of now have one of these toward this path, all things considered, it is smarter to look for Vastu specialists’ guidance for a few viable cures.
  • Try not to indiscriminately purchase a north-facing house without checking out the bearing of different things in the house.
  • The garden or your little garden ought not to be in the northwest course of the house.
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