West Facing House Vastu Plan (Tips for Pooja Room, Kitchen, Bathroom)

Quite possibly the most widely recognized misguided judgment, as per Vastu Shastra, is that main north and east-facing homes bring the best of luck.

West Facing House Vastu Plan

In any case, no place does it say that West-facing houses are harbingers of misfortune. By following basic Vastu tips for new home, you can make a west-facing home favorable and prosperous.

Best Vastu Plan for West-facing House

Colors for a West-facing House

In the event that you live in a west-facing home, you ought to utilize light and brilliant colors to paint the walls. According to Vastu, colors like silver, white, and yellow are the most widely recognized colors for west-facing homes. You can likewise select unbiased varieties as they are very promising and won’t prompt any Vastu dosh.

Area of the Main Door

Vasthu Shastra suggests the arrangement of the primary entry just on four padas: the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth. A pada is the spot you get when you partition the west side of your home into nine equivalent parts from north to south where numbering begins from the north. On the off chance that you’re uncertain of the pada, you ought to counsel a Vastu master prior to moving the entry of your home.

Position of Kitchen in a West-facing House

You shouldn’t make a kitchen in the southwest corner of the house. All things considered, you ought to make it in the southeast. In the event that that is preposterous, choose the northwest course as it is similarly pretty much as propitious according to Vastu for home.

Best Spot for Your Room

West-facing house Vastu plan suggests that you make your room in the southwest corner of your home. On the off chance that your home has various floors, ensure your room is on the most elevated floor in the house.

Right Space for Visitors to Remain

In the event that you have a visitor room in the house, it ought to be situated in the northwest or southern course. Guest rooms ought to never be set in the southwest course as it’s thought of as unpropitious according to Vastu for home.

Tips for Pooja and Children’s Room

Attempt to make the pooja room on the northeast side of your home. This course is additionally appropriate for your lounge room. As per Vastu Shastra, the room of your children ought to be on the northwest, south, or west side of the house.

Area of the Washroom

One more fundamental thing to remember for west-facing homes is to not develop your latrine or septic tank in the upper-east heading. This region of the house is viewed as the most propitious and ought to be saved aside for your sanctuary.

Focus on the Water Component

While you’re residing in a west-facing home, you ought to guarantee that you balance out every one of the five components. Ensure that the borewells or water tanks in your house are not set in the southwest corner.

The Thickness of the Walls

As per the west-facing house Vastu plan, you ought to ensure that the walls in the south and west corner of your house are thicker. They ought to likewise be higher than the walls in the east and north heading.

Purchasing a West-facing Plot or Flat

Vastu Shastra gives directions to purchase plots. The first is to never get a plot or level that has an expansion in the south or southwest corners. The second is to try not to purchase a plot that is higher in the north than in the south.

West-facing house: What it implies?

In the event that the fundamental entry in your home or level faces the west, it is viewed as a west-facing home. Distinguishing a west-facing level is simple. Stand at the main door of your home looking outside. On the off chance that you are confronting the west bearing, it is a west-facing property. Generally, west-facing homes are not viewed as propitious yet Vastu specialists keep up with them in any case.

West-facing house benefits

  • According to Vastu, a west-facing house is adjusted such that it brings the most extreme warmth and beams of the night sun for a more drawn-out period.
  • West-facing properties are great for individuals like those from the field of business, governmental issues, educating, or strict pioneers. For adolescents, such properties draw in more energy.
  • Many individuals respect properties confronting the west course to be advantageous as far as abundance gain and success. One won’t get adversaries and will become well known in groups of friends.

West-facing house Vastu for main entrance doors

The entry of a house holds extraordinary importance in Vastu as it is the point from where positive energies enter. In a west-facing house, the principal entrance entryway ought to be planned according to Vastu rules. Also, according to Vastu for pads pointing toward the west, the right entryway tones should be chosen. For entryways in the west and north course, go for gentler shades like light blue.

West-facing house Vastu plan for various rooms

To understand what the west heading is reasonable for, will rely upon the direction of the various rooms of the west-facing house.

West-facing house Vastu plan with pooja room and parlor

As per Vastu, pooja room and parlor ought to be in the northeast of the house, as it is the most favorable corner.

According to the pooja room Vastu for the west-facing house, one can likewise consider the west course to make the home sanctuary. Ensure the photographs and symbols of divine beings ought to confront the east course. This game plan should be visible in a few old sanctuaries in India where the principal icon is put in the west zone while it points toward the east.

The other bearing which is respected favorably is the east. Thus, while planning a west-facing house Vastu plan with a pooja room, you can keep the divine beings on this path.

Vastu for master bedroom

For the main room, the southwest heading is liked, according to Vastu rules for a west-facing level. On the off chance that you have a staggering house, your main room ought to be on the highest level. Having the room in southwest further develops connections among couples and forestalls clashes. Ensure the bed and various components of nature in the room are adjusted according to Vastu rules that will guarantee quality rest and set a tranquil climate.

Vastu for the family room

The family room might be underlying the east, north, upper east, and northwest directions of the house. Keep furniture things in the west or southwest course in the front room.

Kitchen Vastu

The kitchen is a significant space in the house and its right situation will guarantee great health for the relatives. Incorrect placement of the kitchen can prompt good health and monetary issues. For the kitchen, choose the south-east corner. One ought to adjust the cooktop such that the individual faces east while cooking.

Likewise, according to Vastu, the kitchen ought not to be straightforwardly under or over the puja room, room, or latrine. Pick southeast or northwest zones for the kitchen. Preferably, the southeast corner is best for the kitchen.

Vastu plan for visitor room and children’s room

In a west-facing house, the youngsters’ room can be arranged in the south, west, or north-west regions, though, the visitor room can be in the north-west.

Vastu plan for staircase

According to Vastu’s tips for a west-facing house, the flight of stairs should be built in the south, southwest, or west course. Ensure it is underlying clockwise bearing, which is suggested in Vastu Shastra standards.

West-facing house Vastu plan for washroom

It is essential to try not to build washrooms and latrines in the promising directions. Never position the latrine and septic tank in the upper-east zone.

West-facing house Vastu: Valuable tips

Anokhi Mehra from Vastu Plans, a Bhopal-based consultancy, shares some Vastu Shastra tips for west-facing homes that each family ought to remember:

  • Try not to purchase a plot that is higher in the north than in the south. Nonetheless, a plot that inclines from south to north, is thought of as favorable.
  • Try not to have the drag well or water siphon in the southwest corner.
  • Try not to purchase a level with an expansion in the south-west.
  • The walls in the south and west corner should be thicker and higher than in the east and north.
  • In the event that you have the fundamental entry in the southwest piece, you ought to counsel specialists for invalidating this deformity, with the utilization of jewels like sapphire, earth gems, and so on.
  • The total number of doors and windows in the house ought to be even.
  • The west bearing is great for the lounge area, above the water tank, kids’ room, study room, and latrine.

West-facing house Vastu: Wall tones

As per the Vastu, the ideal tones for west-facing houses are white, silver, yellow and beige. Since these varieties are impartial tones, they are ideal for families that need to zero in on upgrading positive energy coming from the west. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that the house is spread more towards the west than some other heading, then, at that point, a light shade of blue can likewise be thought of, to get more advantages of the west course.

Different colors that you can pick incorporate off-white cream as these are Vastu-impartial colors. Do whatever it takes not to overpower your west-facing home with such many bright tones.

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