Angel Number 148 Meanings – Why Are You Seeing 148

Are you someone who sees the number 148 everywhere? You move out of your house, take a look at the billboard and you notice the number 148? You take a look at your smartwatch and you see the time to be 1:48? You go to check your calories burnt and you find the number to be 148! Doesn’t that seem strange to you? You must be thinking at the back of your mind on what it is that is making you see the same number so often.

Angel Number 148 Meaning: Abilities And Strengths

Angel Number 148 Meaning

If you still couldn’t guess the reason behind such an occurrence, you should know that this is being done by your guardian angels. Do you keep seeing other numbers too or this is the only number that keeps appearing in front of you?

Well, 148 is an independent number that is rarely taken seriously. Majority of the numerologists distinguish between the influence of seven and fifty, which are a vital part of it. 148 is also a symbol of the strong urge for independence and good health, the desire for new innovations and unanticipated achievements. Read on to know more on this number.

Angel Number 148 – What is its meaning?

Angel number 148 is a sign that there is abundance for which you’ve worked really hard and hence this also tells that prosperity is soon going to come into your life. Whenever this angel number keeps showing up in your experience, it is high time you prepare for the rewards and abundance that you’re waiting for.

The energy of this number is a confirmation that the Ascended Masters and angels have heard your prayers and they will send you exactly what you need for obtaining prosperity which you had always looked for. This angel number might appear in different ways in your experience, including a phone number, an address, random license plates and financial transactions.

Whenever you see angel number 148 coming to your life, say a silent ‘Thanks’ to the divine source for the abundance that you’ve already received. Even if you didn’t receive it, be thankful for it as if you’ve already received it.

Deeper Meaning of Angel Number 148

This angel number 148 gets its vibrational meaning from the combined energies of the numbers 1, 4 and 8. The number 1 brings in energy of the optimistic and the affirmative. This number also gives an infusion of optimism to the situation, giving you enough confidence and ambition to achieve greater things in life.

The number 4 is disciplined, practical and honest. As this energy become operative in your life, you feel energetic and dedicated towards fulfilling all your desires. This might even be considered as a sign that you have to be more practical and disciplined in your approach towards obtaining your dreams.

The number 8 is a number of wealth, achievement, abundance and prosperity. When the vibration of the angel number 8 enters your life, you can definitely expect to receive the fruits of your labor, the rewards which you deserve for the hard work and for everything that you’ve done in the past.

Angel Number 148 and its relation with Love

It is when you deal with personal evolution, you can learn more about your own self and this could also lead you to inspire others around you. The number 148 also has a strong influence on your love life and all your personal relationships. When you see this number, it is a sign that your love is pure and real and it has got various levels of passion and intensity.

This is a positive number that brings in different new beginnings and lot of positivity. The love that you feel for the people who are close to you will be amplified and intensified, thanks to the presence and influence of this number. In case you have a relationship and you’re seeing the angel number 148, it means you have to alter something if you wish to solve few things in life.

In case you’re single, your angels are motivating you to be open-hearted and open-minded to love and future love affairs. Number 148 is not related to bad luck. Rather, it represents a vital call to set your goals and follow your path in spite of what others say. When you decide what you want from life will make you closer to future.

Angel Number 148 and Interesting Facts

The period of reflection could bring in fear, confusion and negativity. You can rule out bad luck as the angel number 148 always encourages you to write and create your own luck and destiny. This angel number 148 will inspire you at the same time and increase your motivation and confidence.

Seeing this number will give you the strength and determination which you need to aim higher and gradually turn your dreams into reality. Others may also have to acknowledge your change and this will help you in the form of advice and guidance. Hence, this kind of favorable appearance of the angel number 148 in your life will definitely change your life for the better.

Seeing Angel Number 148 – What to do?

The guardian angels always have a strong influence on your ambitions and goals. How you envision your future will take a full turn under the influence and you’ll be totally satisfied with inspiration. Dare to dream of the life that you’ve always wanted to lead as this is the first step towards realizing your ambitions.

Therefore, now that you know the meaning and significance of the angel number 148, you should take into account all the above listed connotations, meaning and significance. The more you base the decisions of your life on these meanings, the better you can get an idea about the future of your life. If you didn’t have any idea on numerology, you should start believing in what the guardian angels are trying to reveal to you. Have faith in yourself and put in all your faith on your angels who always have your best interests in mind.

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