Blue Aura Color Meaning & Personality

Most of the people like the color blue the sky color which cherishes one’s mind. In today’s article, we are going to discuss the Blue Aura Color and some interesting facts about the one who likes it.

Blue Aura Guide (Aura Colors and Their Meanings)

Blue Aura Meaning & Personality

The Blues are the most loving, supportive one on the whole planet. They are very sensitive and emotional who cry for silly reasons and are very heartful. They even cry after watching emotional or sentimental scenes in a movie or serials.

They give a lot of importance to love, relationships, and spirituality. They always strive to help all and are always with the one who is in troubles. They always try to find good in people naturally positive minded and no matter how many mistakes you do they give second chances.

They trust all very quickly and will desire that all should also love them. When Blues don’t feel loved by others, they feel tensed, distressed and consumed with self-pity. They always wish to be loved and appreciated by all.

They also want to be in a friendly, committed relationship. Blues are the most loyal and supportive mates of all Life colors, and they need partners who are just loyal and monogamous. Blue auras often associated with calm, sensitive personalities. Examples of Blues are

  • Jennifer Aniston.
  • Cameron Diaz.
  • Elizabeth Taylor.
  • Meg Ryon.

Life Style

Their life purpose is to give love, care, and happiness to all and treat all equally. Their priorities are love, spirituality, and relations. They are also regarded as the most emotional people on the planet who cry when they are happy, sad, worried, excited, and sometimes for no reason at all.

Some of the disciplines where we can see these type of people are as teacher, marriage and family counselor, educator, volunteer, parent, homemaker, and social worker.

Love and Relationships

When Blues fall in love, they do everything to keep their relationship stronger. The only thing which they except from their life partner is love, caring, monogamy, loyalty, faithfulness, mutual trust, long-term commitment, and emotional connection. They are very emotional and find for the partners who take care of them, and are understandable.

Careers and Jobs

As they are helpers in this world, they do work in different professionals such as teaching, counseling, and nursing. Any occupation related to helping comes under Blues. They love to enjoy at home creating a loving, cozy, and nurturing environment.

Occupations that appeal to Blues include Teacher, Educator, Volunteer, Nurse, Religious and Church helper, Social Worker, Homemaker, Secretary, Marriage and Family Counselor, and Assistant or Director at a nonprofit organization.


Blues do not focus on the physical body’s energy; they are not motivated to exercise. Blues usually have cold hands and feet. Blue women also face problems with their breasts and reproductive systems.

Walking, Breathing, and Meditating is healthy activities of Blues. Obesity is common for all Blues, who often doubt they are attractive and sexy. Extra weight also keeps Blue grounded and in their needs.

Money and Abundance

People and relationships are more crucial to Blues than money. Blues are usually fearful or not having enough, mainly when the family has supported them. They typically believe that services should come from the heart, not from a desire for money.

Their most loving action is to first live their dreams, of abundance, love, and health. As long as Blue feel everyone they must help everyone else first, they are destined to suffer.


We often not found the person who cares about us and be with us in hurdles. So do not lose them and find the right partner who cares you and loves you. They are the one who provides a shoulder for others to cry on.

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