Violet Aura Color Meaning And Personality

Violets are the inspirational visionaries, teachers, and leaders who are always ready to save the planet and the environment. Most of them feel drawn to educate all about the masses, to inspire higher deals, to improve the life quality on the planet, and to save people, environment and nature.

Violet Aura Guide (Intelligent, Analytical and Strategic)

Violet Aura Guide

All these have an inner feeling that they are somewhat better than the average person. They feel all about this mostly in childhoods. They always feel that something is missing in their lives and strive to get it. Most of the violets work in different domains such as leaders, politicians, therapists, or teachers.

When they are out of power, they lose faith in themselves and life purpose which leads to the formation of stress and depressions. Violets opt for the partners who are inspirational and are always with them when they need to travel.

Some of the famous examples of violets are Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Queen Latifah, Gandhi, Dalai Lamb.

Life Purpose

They viewed as inspirational speakers who also strive to develop the planet. Most of the violets prefer to work in different roles such as teachers, politicians, humanitarians, and others favor to reach people via film, music, dance or any art. They love to travel around the world no matter where and what time it is.

Love and Relationships

Violets usually possess strong and dynamic personalities. They are natural visionary leaders who try to use their vision and passion to encourage others. They typically reflect an enormous appeal and sexual chemistry.

Violets wish to have a partner who encourages them to reach for higher potentials. They love inspirational persons who have visions. If in case they marry weak people, they become bored, fulfilled, resistant, or inspiring and emotionally disconnected.

Careers and Jobs

Violets love to work for themselves or are as independent as working for other seems impossible for them. Violets enjoy teaching, giving classes, and taking seminars. They always will to listen to one another, communicate openly, and discuss the problems in a fair manner.

Typical Violet Occupations include the following such as Performer, Psychologist, Investment Broker, Minister, Travel Agent, Mediator, and Theoretical and Quantum Physicist. Violets need to innovation, experience growth, and expansion in their work.

They regarded as the performers and the communicators of the planet. They frequently involve in causes such as saving the whales and the rain forests. Other areas where Violets are drawn include religious, philosophy, religious studies, world travel, humanities, interior decorating and advanced computer technology.

Typical candidates work in different domains such as Performer, Actor, Social Worker, Singer, Activist, Musician, Artist, Lecturer, Writer, Leader, Minister, Educator, Astronaut, Travel Agent, Futurist, Mediator, and Photographer.


Eyesight challenges are most common for Violets. Violets often shorten their vision and to stop it they start wearing glasses. When violets are confused, or unhappy then can develop eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia. To keep good health, Violets need to focus on a few projects, not scatter their energies by becoming too busy.

Money and Abundance

Violets and Greens regarded as the wealthiest man on the planet. When Violet is in power, the money flows in. By the quality of their experiences, how much freedom they experience, and how they connected with the audience, violets judge their success.

They feel thrilled when they were successful in conveying the message to the audience. They try their level best to keep the planet safe and save it for the upcoming generations.


They viewed as the earth savers whose vision is to develop our planet and to be safe and secure. They desire to be in a relationship with the one who always understands them and stands next to them in case of any hurdles or obstacles.

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