What Is An Aura + How Can You See Yours?

What Is An Aura?

The aura is an electromagnetic wave or energy that cover the human body in the shape of an egg. Human body encompasses with this energy. The aura is produced up of seven layers or levels or auric bodies, which is also known as the astral, physical, higher, lower, intuitional, spiritual, and absolute planes.

What Is An Aura?

Each one of these subtle bodies or layer exist around the physical body of a human and each one has its unique frequency and miming. They are connected to one another and affect the other’s body as well.  They affect a person’s emotions, feelings, behavior, and overall health.

In your aura, you have many different bands of color. Depending on what happening in your life, the outer band changes all the time.

The one or two colors that close to your body are your life color, which generally does not change. These colors reveal the information about your lifestyle, the aim of your life, personality, strengths, weaknesses, health, family, and many more things.

How Can You See Your Aura?

To seeing aura is a matter of practice. Once you learn to see your own aura, you can see other objects and humans as well.  So here is a guide on how can you see your aura.

Mirror technique

The first step is to use a mirror to see it. Take a mirror and set lighting conditions in such a way that it can’t face direct lighting. Choose the backdrop for yourself of uniform coloring. For beginners, pure white work best.  Set the bright light at the distance of at least five feet from the mirror.

Now, look around the area of your body specifically for the lighting contrast that surrounded your body. Try to see something few inches away from the skin.

You can see something like light diffusion by gases in the air. For the first time, you can’t see it properly, or you lose your focus in a few seconds. Even if you can’t see the colors properly then also focus your eyes again and again with deep and relax breathing.

Train Your Eyes

After regular practice, you see your own aura with trying so hard, but yes, it takes some time to reach this level. Next step is to train your eyes. Stand in an illuminated room. Now, face an open door that leads to a dark room.

Raise your hand in upward direction and keep it in front of the doorway. Now, look through your fingers. You know what to do with a mirror to see endless energy, in the same way, look through your hand and try to see some contrast.

You will notice that after seeing the energy through the mirror at a five-foot distance from the body, you can now see the same energy around your hand also without any mirror and effort.

Even though you see your energy or aura, you can see the denser portion. Now you will feel that you can easily pick up the energy that surrounds the world with the rest of your energy.

Keep in mind that use caution if you choose to analyze the motion of your energy and meaning of the color. It is possible that you perceive entire different colors from someone else who is looking at the same energy as you.

So interpretations may vary between two distinct people. So feel free to derive your conclusion and keep note of how your energy reacts with different situation and in the presence of a different person. Just take care to observe theoretically and don’t define your actions as per the analysis.

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