ANGEL NUMBER 139 (Meanings & Symbolism)

If there is a single number that could easily trigger your passion and also never leave you indifferent, it is definitely the angel number 139. It is the subject of all beliefs and all fantasies and for some; this is a number that evokes happiness while for others, accidents. Now that you heard the word, angel numbers, do you know what it means?

Angel Number 139 Meaning: A Healthy Spirit is Key

Angel Number 139 Meaning

If you still don’t believe in guardian angels and you think that occurrences like seeing the same number wherever you go is nothing but a mere coincidence, you’re mistaken. It is high time that you start believing in the impact and influence of angel numbers before it gets too late. Our guardian angels are always keeping a watch over us to ensure we are safe.

Whenever they sense any impending danger or a life-changing event coming near us, they send us divine messages. But how do they send us messages? Well, they send us numbers and make us encounter the same set of numbers wherever we go, till we start doubting about the number.

The guardian angels make us see the same number frequently in order to make us feel their divine presence. So, if you’re someone who is seeing the number 139 frequently, here’s what the number means.

Angel Number 139 – What is the meaning of this number?

For those who abide by the Bible and its references, you will know that the angel number 139 is synonymous with betrayal, particularly denoting Judas who is the 13th apostle. Would you like to know what numerology science wants to tell us about this? In the world of belief, it seems true that the number 139 doesn’t have a positive reputation. In the Hebrew alphabet, the 13th letter symbolizes nothing but death!

This is definitely something not too encouraging. If you take a closer look at your fate or destiny, the situation won’t get any better. The blade of number 139 from the popular game Marseille Tarot symbolizes harvest, which is also a sign of death. As per numerology, the number 129 represents the end of the cycle. Though this does not mean death but it means the end of a period and also the beginning of a new period.

It is for this reason that the number 139 can lead to a more decisive transition rather than the simple disappearance of something. There is a real fusion between the future and the past in the present and this serves as a time of gestation. In all realms of its existence, the news that is brought to you by the number 139 awaits you. This means that the cycles of operating are short enough and there are numerous life changes.

Symbolism and Hidden Meaning of Angel Number 139

The number 130 interests us and tells us that there are lots of rumors about number 13, some legends and some breathtaking stories. Symbolically, the number 139 is linked with the mystery of death. Whenever we speak of death in the spiritual realm, we equate it with change.

In the world of numerology, the number 139 is linked with unforeseen events, changes and situation that can be assimilated to a ‘spiritual death’ or ‘symbolic death’. In most cases, this is a path, an evolution towards a state of better growth and personal understanding.

There are 139 lunations or 139 new moons on an annual cycle, which is pretty significant and in other cultures, it is linked with love. This is why, the negative charge with which this number is linked is a misunderstanding of the spiritual plan.

Angel Number 139 and its relation with Love

This number also loves to fascinate others with the ability to approach different types of situations with enough confidence. It is true that they assume everything without demonstrating their inner emotions. This aspect of the number 139 should be addressed more frequently. Even though the number ‘139’ shines out in the society, they are still modest and secretive. Indulging was never a good thing for them.

You also need to know that the number 139 has overflowing sexuality and loyalty is never a quality associated with them. They can sometimes behave as real predators on a level. A vital part of their personality is that they are tough to be refused and they often feel the feeling of frustration.

Number 139 and Interesting Facts

The number 139 is a popular number which is the object of all fears, fantasies and superstitions. Among the 12 apostles, Judas was the thirteenth one who symbolizes sufferings of Jesus. The fear may even date back to 139 being the letter of the Hebrew alphabet which symbolises death.

In short, it is tough to be precise about where from the phobia of this number comes from. In the world of numerology, the number 139 symbolizes the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. In other words, it implies the ‘death’ of something followed by the rebirth of another. The number 139 symbolizes a vital change, which can either be in the wrong direction or in the right.

Renewal and transformation is what the number 139 symbolizes in numerology. 139 is a sign of new bases, new construction and also a huge change. There are few cases where 139 also express noteworthy sexuality or a level of aggressiveness.

Seeing Angel Number 139 – What to do?

No, the number 139 is neither bad nor good in itself. This can ring in a painful separation like a happy sentimental instance, or an important gain or a financial loss or a great success or some bitter failure. This is a big turning point and in short, it heralds the coming of a big change in relation to the situation of the person.

Therefore, now that you know the meaning and significance of the angel number 139, you should easily be able to understand what your angels are trying to tell you. Keep all the connotations mentioned above in mind so that you know how this number may have an influence on your life and your fate.

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