Purple Aura Color Meaning & Personality (Purple Aura Guide)

A purple aura stated that person is connected to his/her spiritual thoughts and experiencing spiritual awareness. It signifies higher aims, natural psychic powers, psychic inner vision, and the overall knowledge of life.

Exploring the Shades of the Purple Aura

Purple Aura Color Meaning

A purple aura people have powerful intuition and extrasensory abilities. They are open to equilibrium and awareness. It is also a color of cleansing and cleaning whether it is for security, devotion, stability or education.

People with purple aura are aware of themselves. They have independent thinking. The purple is attached to the wisdom of the unconscious. It indicates that the person is trustworthy, innocent and keen to help others. Purple auras are creative and ready to speak on versatile topics.

Purple Aura Personality Traits

Purple aura people are highly psychic. They can sense everything that normal people can’t, and hence it makes them aware of the world around them. They can feel what people think or feel as they can easily find the moods and emotions of the person standing in front of them.

They know how to approach and how to make others feel better. Purple auras are great friends and lover. But the people who have purple aura are secretive, mysterious, fascinating and intriguing.

They love philosophy and easily understand the mysteries, complexity, and surprises of life. Purple aura people are curious, enquiring, and intuitive. You want to everything that you can see and want to know the logic behind it. They like both questions and answers.

Purple know their goals and ready to fulfill any conditions. Always ready to learn and explore, and hence purple aura person is an interesting and knowledgeable one.  They believe in quality over quantity whether it is friends, food or any other things.

Purple auras take care of people and make them happy, safe, comfortable and secure. Yes, they are sensitive, but they will never show it. Purple aura personality chooses their words carefully, and hence people took them as a shy one.

They are a leader and a dreamy and can convert their dreams into reality due to their abilities and talent. If you notice purple aura people, then you can find that they are organized and systematic on the one hand and another hand they are versatile and flexible.

Love And Romance For A Purple Aura People

When it comes to love and romance, purple can easily understand the feelings and emotions of others and influence how others think about them. They are supportive and understanding but stays quiet, reserved and introvert. The like to relax and spend time at home and due to it, they are less attractive as a partner.

Due to their attractive personality, people are naturally drawn to them even if they locked themselves in a room for the whole day.  They are a creative, compassionate and sensitive lover and a hopeless romantic.

For the love affairs, purple like to keep it private between two of you as they do not like interfere of others. They enjoy their life in real instead of social media. Purple aura follows their decided path only, no matter what people say about it. They love deeply, stay loyal for their partner and even reach the self-elimination.

Money And Wealth For A Purple Aura

Purple aura has a pioneer of spirit and true vision that together make their dream come true. They are aggressive to catch the opportunity which makes them a great entrepreneur. They like to try different methods and approaches. Purples are a bold, dynamic, honest, perfectionist, and modest.

They are capable of doing what they think. A person with purple aura can plan strategies, do analytics and show their intelligence to make the plan into action. Purple aura personalities are always productive, focused and energized. With wealth and luxury, they choose to live simply.

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