Angel Number 153 – Meaning and Symbolism

For all those who deal with angel numerology, the first question that people ask them is how they speak with the divine beings. These people usually believe that there should be rules in everything and when you are able to follow some rules, this will help you communicate with the divine realm. They think that the Universe doesn’t hear them and the divine beings left them since they’re not responding. This makes them sure that they’re doing something wrong.

153 Angel Number Spiritual Meaning

Angel Number 153 Meaning

Now you’ll be left wondering whether the angels only listen to our messages in a specific way or in a normal manner. All of us can’t come in contact with our guardian angels in a certain way and some but not all of us can come in touch with the Divine beings. This is far from truth and your task is to tell divine beings about your wishes, either loud or within your mind.

There are some people who even convey their messages through letters as they think that the angels can read. But this is not the fact as the guardian angels are divine beings with no physical form. They resort to signs, symbols and numbers in order to communicate with the human beings. If you’re someone who is seeing the number 153, you should read the remaining part of this article.

Angel Number 153 – What is the meaning of this number?

The combination of various numbers can create a separate vibration and as a result offer a different message. Think about combining various words for creating a phrase but you should expect to have a single number which will have a greater margin for interpretation. While interpreting the meaning of angel numbers, you’ll have to move further.

Angel Number 153 speaks of the imagination of your mind, about various situations for which you want the divine beings to help you and heal with them. When they send you this number, they’re actually showing you that they’re listening to you. They confirm you that they are always listening to your words when you speak.

The best news is that they wish to assist you in the best way they can. Even when you don’t address your angels, they know when they have to come to assist you. They will never judge you but they will always want you to transform yourself into someone like them who can help people living in a closed environment.

When you give a thought or a word to the Divine beings, they’re honored. Similarly, you too should learn to be honored and happy whenever someone seeks help of you. Be more than happy to help them just as your divine beings love to help you out. Just as you speak to your best friend, you can also speak to your Divine being too, openness is the way to go.

Angel Number 153 also shows that our energies are stronger than what we’re told. Not only are we able to communicate telepathically or through some form of communication but there are also ways in which you can physically move things inside your mind.

Hidden meaning and symbolism of the angel number 153

The number 153 is a number that represents a couple, the double, the opposites – man and woman, white and black or day and night! 153 is a number that breaks with the oneness of the number and the next step to the germ of the creation of life. In the world of Tarot, the number 153 is known as ‘The Priestess’. 153 is a number that represents the YIN and YANG, the duality and the person is sensitive although he has a cool appearance. Violet is the color that is associated with number 153.

These people tend to be sensitive and loving people for whom accompanying and serving others is their biggest task. They have enough dedication for their parents. They are loyal, protective, and obedient and they also inherit lot of paternal and maternal tendencies. They also have a character of overprotective attitudes, overwhelming fear towards everything that is possessive or manipulative.

They require lot of feedback and love to act, they don’t want to shine but they have to stop being this influential and learn to ask for what they require without any kind of blackmailing. When the 153 is working for someone, she maps the path through a meditative process and connects with the spiritual master, safeguarding herself.

Angel Number 153 and its relation with Love

The 153 is a number that speaks of discipline, justice and perseverance. You may think of a square that has 153 equal sides. That kind of geometric shape expresses diligence, equality and discipline.

As per the Pythagoreans, 153 is a powerful number as it has got an even number that is divisible by 153. The Pythagoreans also believed that the essence of human life was through a square which had 4 sides – opinion, thought, meaning and science.

153 is also utilized to represent the cardinal points of water, air, fire and earth. These people who are associated with the number are methodical, rational, persevering and responsible. They are people who love to talk, however there are times when they excessively worry and can be too anxious.

The number 153 represents the double, the couple, the opposites like woman and man, black and white or day and night. In the Tarot, the number 153 is said to be the number of the ‘Emperor’ or the builder. The builder knows that there is a better and more elevated being that supports him spiritually always. As per Yogi Bahaman, the 153rd spiritual body is the neutral mind which symbolizes service.

So, as we see that the angel number 153 is a number of fears and also of lack of self-esteem. People who are guided by these numbers should overcome their fear and face it very soon. Delaying will only lead to double agony. Never suppress your feelings and emotions and learn to speak from your heart. When you’re in love, you may suffer from jealousy but lack of confidence will aggravate all such problems and worsen things.

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