Numerology Number 9 Meaning, Personality and Comptibility

Generally it is better to keep it minimum while analysing the different aspects of Numerology. However in case of number 9, the science of numerology highlight a philosophical observation which is interesting, unique and also very revealing.

Numerology Number 9 and Meaning 2020

Numerology Number 9 Meaning

Numerology is a study of how numbers appear in our lives and how they contribute in shaping our personality traits and attitudes.

Each number from 1-9 has its own distinct personality or character that embodies throughout the world in the form of vibrational essence which has got the power to influence things at a spiritual level.

With the study of numerology, you can get answers to few of the basic questions of life. It is only by exploring the definitions of the numbers that it is possible to get special insights into the purpose and meaning of the number in our lives.

Number 9 – Its meaning

Among all the root numbers, number 9 is the last one. The root numbers are called cardinal numbers in the world of mathematics and number 9 has the highest vibrational frequency of any number.

The high vibration frequency gives this number few of the most amazing and unique features. Irrespective of its multiplication, the number 9 retains this vibrational energy and this is a key trait.

If you take into account most other numbers, their vibrations tend to decline when multiplied but the case is not the same with 9. You multiply 9 with any number, no matter large or small, you’ll always come back to a number that reduces to a 9.

For instance!

  • 9X2= 18, 1+8= 9
  • 9X4= 36, 3+6= 9
  • 9X6= 54, 4+5= 9
  • 9X9= 81, 1+8= 9
  • 9X10= 90, 0+9= 9
  • 9X20= 180, 1+8+0= 9.

So, it is proved that no matter how large a number it is, when you multiply it with 9, it will again reduce to a 9.

This is why it is believed that the number 9 possesses a universal quality which keeps shining through any number that is multiplied with it. This is a pattern that will continue irrespective of how high you reach.

This feature of 9 is symbolic of inner wisdom that is present in all human hearts but it needs to be uncovered. Those influenced by this number usually play this task.

Number 9 and its symbolic meaning

The number 9 is linked with Major Arcana Tarot card that is named the Hermit. As you can understand by the name, the Hermit, it will always escape alone in search of spiritual wisdom. However, that doesn’t mean that 9 can be linked with a dreamer.

When your soul number or life path number is 9, you can’t be termed as a dreamer but you can command energies of high frequency that can help you get things done in a proper manner.

9s are more likely to perform those tasks which make them unravel their inner wisdom rather than things that produce mere materialistic outcomes.

The number 9 is also related to the zodiac’s ninth sign, Sagittarius. This is a visionary sign and hence it makes the energy of this number a global phenomenon. These life paths reverberate with the energy of 9 and find themselves in serving humanity.

Number 9 and its duality

The Hermit is always impulsive to move out into the wilderness, just as Buddha and Christ and incorporate the spiritual lessons regarding nature.

There are some who are lost into the woods and they never serve humankind. So, how is it possible to accomodate the idea of being a hermit and also serving humanity?

Just as the enlightened masters of the past, people who are driven by number 9 usually get a calling to teach spiritual lessons to others. They learnt going out on their own, up above the mountain like Moses or into the desert like Christ or deep inside the forest as Buddha.

Why is 9 called the Mother Teresa number?

The number 9 is often called the Mother Teresa number. This is because whenever she confronts suffering and injustice, she will instantly devote herself for rescuing them.

That which is more important is that she won’t try to receive credit in lieu of her actions. Her purity is mirrored in the way she does good. She never forces herself upon others.

Despite all these characteristic features, she is never a leader in a way that 8 and 1 are. 9’s leadership qualities are in the areas of justice and philosophy. She has the power to change your mind for something better. While 8 is financially successful, 9 receives her rewards by ignoring the financial potential of a task.

Is 9 a romantic?

In matters of the heart, 9 can never be called a romantic number as she is an impossible lover. This is because she is pretty demanding and also because you will never know how much you’ve managed to reach out to her.

She has a habit of hiding her heart and hence even though you know her for many years, the connection remains distant.

A 9 will always be a loyal friend but she will never let her become susceptible to surroundings. The most noteworthy attribute of 9 is their tough to point out sense that is hard to meet your eyes. She has intuition and depth and a sense of accurate observation.

Number 9 – More on its life

The life path of a person who are influenced by the number 9 tend to be too emotional. This is truer in childhood. Majority of the kids aren’t emotionally developed enough to deal with high frequency events. Due to this, high spiritual realization might lead to emotional disturbance.

By the time they reach adulthood, their special spiritual purpose dawns on them. Whether or not they can fulfill the purpose will base on several factors including the influence of many other factors.

Therefore, it can be concluded by saying that the main challenge for the number 9s is to always be too affectionate to others and see them with a deep level of understanding.

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