Numerology 3 – Meaning of Number 3 & Compatibility

If you are a non-believer of astrology, you have to accept that each of the numbers from 1 to 9 has a unique characteristic trait that defines its personality and qualities.

Numerology Number 3 Love, Marriage, Career, Personality

Numerology Number 3

In order to get a proper understanding of how each number sets its impact on us, one has to know the significance of every single digit number first.

You have to treat the number as a person with strengths, personality traits and weaknesses.

Number 3 is child-like, not childish

If you consider number 3 as a person, it is almost like a gifted teenager who has grown up but is under the strict supervision of his parents. Number 3 is scattered, spoiled and is always in need of guidance. The most definite traits of number 3 are always in the field of creativity.

There is always an extreme need to express ideas, feelings and visions, coupled with an extrovert personality by the number 3. A person who is ruled by the number 3 will have all these key points in the numerology chart and will pursue a career in verbal arts.

The person’s social skills are pretty great and they’re ruled by a strong sense of humor, wit and charm. If this doesn’t seem enough, the person also looks charismatic, compelling and also attractive.

Hence, it can be easily understood that people are naturally drawn towards people who are ruled by 3s. Followers even happily forgive other negative traits of number 3 like tendency to delay things, lack of concentration in a particular direction and incapability to take on responsibility.

On the contrary, there is one more superficial side of Number 3 that is tough to look past. This number has a narcissistic side, longs for attention and has a vanity around it.

The optimistic 3 can enjoy its daily life as long as things are fine but whenever there are challenges, the 3s will lack that internal fortitude. Number 3 can easily succumb to various difficulties of life unless family and friends move to support it.

How can 3 become a balanced person?

If number 3 wants to become a balanced and all-rounder person who is happy, it has to inculcate the quality of discipline. There are few lucky 3s that show talent in their early life and who are positioned in an environment with the sort of discipline which 3 need to safeguard such talents.

One more positive tendency of number 3 is its tendency to remain lucky or remain at the right place and at the right time. This can be in relation with the sense of rhythm; the timing can be easily measured in years or seconds. It is nothing but a matter of scale and either way, number 3 is in tune with the nature of surroundings.

Number 3 – The secret meaning of this number

People can never be solely defined or ruled by just one number. Nevertheless, there is always a single number that can define several aspects of an area in a person’s life. It indicates a person with very little direction but great potential for creativity.

These people are often too impractical about their creative energies. Due to this, they often find themselves in a mess because of dearth of discipline.

This number brings luck, optimism and positive energy but the point-of-view is short-lived and worldly. The egotism and naivety of the number 3 can become an obstacle to internal affairs.

The number 3 can also be used for improving communication and originality. However, people should strive hard to find out the more spiritual meaning of number 3.

Personifying Number 3

If numbers could be personified as people, they would exhibit definite characteristics that are found in humans. Suppose number 3 was a person, she would be a communicative child of number 1 and the fertile number 2.

Number 3 is always taken for communication, creativity, a rhythm and charisma. 3 always tends to have incredible social, vocal and artistic skills. She is attractive, charming and playful.

Things that are related to Number 3

In the world of Tarot, the number 3 is associated with the Empress card. This card is the key arcana and it indicates strong inner voice and abundance. She speaks of growth and creation and alerts you against inactivity. The healing crystals that depict number 3 include ruby, amethyst and rainbow obsidian.

In the world of astrology, the number 3 is liked with the planet Jupiter, the planet of ambition, abundance, wisdom and knowledge.

In the world of zodiac, this number is linked with Saggitarius (that is also ruled by Jupiter). Zeus, the Greek God was linked with Jupiter. He ruled the heaven and he could oversee everything under his realm.

Zeus was revered for his insight and wisdom but at the same time he was also known for his conceitful and gambling nature. All his amorous pursuits caused several issues between Hera and his offsprings and his sister and wife.

People who are ruled prominently by Number 3

Whenever number 3 keeps appearing, it brings a positive viewpoint and a magnetic personality. Emotions within such a person are intense and he is also sensitive to realms that make tapping into a spiritual self even easier.

If you have too many 3s sitting prominently in your charts, you might face challenges in locating the right direction. You will keep delaying and avoiding responsibilities.

Number 3 keeps people in a perfect tune with nature and also with the outward world. They have an innate sense of rhythm and they feel at par with universe. People driven by number 3 attract good luck, positive opportunities and people may even benefit from their internal conflict.

To conclude, it can be said that number 3 is a key source of individuation and originality. There are several things that come over when the number 3 appears near you.

It can lead to happy and optimistic communications and this number is all about abundance. Such people should keep using their creativity to find out the deeper meaning of life.

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