Life Path Number 11 Personality, Career, Business and Love

Have you ever thought what life path number means? Does it speak about your future or does it alert you about any impending danger?

Well, this is actually called ‘destiny number’ and it is derived by numerologically reducing your date of birth. With the help of this number and its related readings, you get a clear understanding of the pathway to success.

Life Path Number 11 and Its Mean?

Numerology Life Path Number 11

Among the 3 Master Numbers, 11 is the first one, 22 and 33 being the other two. These Master Numbers have a mystical meaning attached to them and for those who are born under this number, it is an immensely auspicious and positive sign.

You can again reduce master numbers to single-digit numbers, like 11 can be reduced to 2, 22 to 4 and 33 to 6. This will add to the qualities of the single-digits too.

Life path number 11- The most sensitive

Well, the number 11 is the most intuitive and sensitive among all the life path numbers. Not only that, they are also mystically and spiritually inclined due to their intuition sense that connects them instantly to higher powers.

For a spiritual philosopher, the number 11 is one of the best numbers as they’re willing to keep wondering about the mysteries of the universe.

If we have to focus on the downsides of this number, they easily get exposed to fear and anxiety. This happens to them because they regularly face cosmic truth. Majority of the 11s deal with this but at the same time, this is indeed a huge burden.

Reducing Life path number 11 to a 2

The best thing about life path number 11 is that it has got the magnified qualities of 2 as 11 can be numerologically reduced to 2. People who are born under this number are inspiring, a visionary, spiritually cautious, inventive, charismatic, idealistic and a dreamer.

The only challenge or obstacle for the life path number 11 is to not become hysterical by their gifts. Phobias and fears are the main downsides of life path 11 and they may even seem impractical, indecisive, moody and nervous.

This number is also related with spiritual illumination and they also have a clear understanding of all the metaphysical matters.

Since 11s are also 2s, they possess the will power to complete what they’ve once started. 11 is a perfect number for alliances as they tend to play and work well in a team. Although the number 11 is being discussed here as a separate entity, it often possesses the vibration of number 2 as well.

Master number 11 – Numerology personality

The number 11 is considered to have equal symbolism as 2 (1 and 1 standing side by side). Thanks to 2, 11 gets a gentler side to it – intuitiveness, a powerful connection with the Goddess and compassion. Whenever two 1s stand side by side, they form a force or a bridge where the play the role of caregivers to different realms.

As per what the lightworkers have to say, people who walk with the master number 11 usually focus on goals and also set them, whether they’re mundane or metaphysical. There is tons of power that’s waiting for a proper direction but whenever the number 11 gets divided, it becomes immobile and fearless.

Life path number 11 – Romance and love

Life path number 11 tends to be a faithful and sincere lover and they should never involve in a relation casually where they don’t have any spiritual commitment.

Number 11 tends to be extremely passionate and they can offer their entire self to their partner and can do anything in order to make them happy. For a number 11, their partner’s pleasure is their pleasure.

If you’re a number 11, you should ensure choosing a partner who possesses a sympathetic personality and a stable person. In case you choose a fiery person, this can increase the mood swings and spoil your relation. Your partner should happily motivate you to share your feelings, open up and struggle.

Life path number 11s can best suit with 2s since twos and elevens are numbers that are extremely connected. You can best communicate your needs with each other and can both speak the same language. Life path number 2 gives you the stability and understanding that you need and they also impart a strong sense of compassion.

Forming relationships with 1s, 4s or 9s can lead to an unsuccessful relation as 11 always looks forward to people who can express their emotions.

None of the aforementioned numbers are emotional and they never express their feelings. Initially you may feel attracted to a 5 but a 5 will always find it difficult to settle down and get stable. The number 5s express love in a different way and hence the 11s fail to understand that.

Life path number 11 – Business and career

Number 11s usually don’t give too much thought to careers as they’re never really attached towards gaining material success. Hence, those career options that lead to material success are unappealing to number 11s.

Hence, the career option that you should seek should stimulate you morally, ethically and spiritually. Most 11s go into arts as they find fulfillment in art.

The money that you make out of it should be enough for you to keep doing. 11s suit paths of spiritual and mythical teaching. They would make a great counselor, religious leader or a spiritual teacher.

On the contrary, there are few 11s who are drawn towards medicine and teaching as they think that these are the best ways of bringing back happiness to the world.

There are some 11s who are linguistically inclined and they are great interpreters and translators. They are even great at mending conflicts and hence they can be easily hired by businesses. Bosses love to hire people who can mend issues and 11s are the best.

In our modern and secular world, numerology might not seem trendy but there are definitely fixtures of society that have been proved to be beneficial as compared against scientific knowledge.

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