Master Number 11: Meaning, Personality and Love

In the world of numerology, there are just 3 master numbers – the double digit numbers that carry a symbolic meaning and that have immense power.

If you have any of these numbers or more than one number in your personal numerology chart, this indicates trials and heavy potential. Apart from master number 11, there are two other master numbers 22 and 33.

Master Number 11 – Personality and Powers 

Master Numerology Number 11

Among them, we’re going to tell you about Master number 11 in this article. It is the number that brings spiritual awakening and it is also a supporter of mankind. This number is probably the best messenger of the universe.

Master number 11 – What does it mean?

If you have to know the characteristic traits of Master number 11, you should be aware of its most noteworthy trait – that of being connected to wisdom. It is a perceptive number to an extent of being psychic, which channels its meaning, existence and knowledge from spirituality.

Master numbers usually have a responsibility and it is their duty to utilize their awareness to be able to deliver cosmic truths. Humanity can be encouraged through these cosmic truths.

Master Numbers and their single digit counterpart

Since the master numbers are all double-digit numbers, it can’t be denied that these numbers possess a higher vibration of their single-digit number. In case of master number 11, it is reduced to 2. This means the number 11 carries traits of number 2 like empathy, harmony and sensitivity.

The number 11 feels the traits of number 2 and leverages in a deeper manner. You can’t forget that the number 11 has two 1s standing at the side of each other and hence it also carries traits of number 1.

The number is motivated, positive and innovative and is open to new opportunities. A 1 is always looking for ways of standing out in the crowd and making a difference.

The energies of numbers 1 and 2 are contrasting enough and they join together to make a master number 11. This makes 11 a benevolent adviser, an active listener and also a creative leader.

Number 11 is connected to spirituality

The number 11 is always in connection with the universe and is open to larger-than-life spiritual notions. It believes that there is always a presence of a greater power which is invisible but omnipresent. This number only channelizes truth and works hard to help us move on the right way.

The vision of Master number 11 is crystal clear and it has the capability of viewing things with an inner eye that others don’t possess. It has a magnetic and creative personality and is a beacon of hope and wisdom which others often follow.

You will often see Master number 11 appearing in our lives and this is a message to stay connected with our wisdom.

If you’re someone who is repeatedly seeing the number 11 everywhere you go, you should pay heed to your subconscious mind. There is some kind of insight that you might be missing. However, it is also true that Numerology’s master numbers tend to be extremely meaningful and powerful.

If you happen to see 11:11 in the clock or the date 11/11, this doesn’t mean that there’s something big waiting for you. You just have to be careful when the number 11 has a constant presence in your life, almost as a life path number. This is when you should embrace its potential and meaning.

Personality traits for Master number 11

Here is a short and quick list of the personality traits of Master number 11.

  • Cooperative
  • Intuitive
  • Supportive
  • Knowledgeable
  • Charismatic
  • Visionary
  • Leader
  • Enlightened
  • Awakened
  • Receptive.

Master Number 11 – Does it have supernatural abilities?

Master number 11 calls for spiritual insight, higher intuition, enhanced sensitivity and supernatural abilities. It also symbolizes intelligence and empathy.

The master number 11 also signifies huge power – physical and mental. This is the first one among the 3 master numbers, 11, 22 and 33. This one is a root of all master numbers.

Someone who holds this life path number is said to be of an old-school belief, not just because of its ability to understand and empathise but also due to its unique capabilities.

The main reason to be considered an old soul is because of its mature thoughts. A child whose master number is 11 might be of 12 years of age but his thought process will be of a person of 60 years of age.

Life mission of Master number 11

Eleven is a number of enlightenment and inspiration. They are like a candle that burns itself to provide light to others. People who are guided by Master Number 11 usually have a mission of lending a helping hand to others and they always choose to see the positive side of life.

Master number 11 comprise of 2 candles. The first candle is the holder of the master number and the second one is the person who gets the light.

People with this master number have dreams that might seem unrealistic to achieve. However, this opens up easy access to different concepts and ideas.

Such people should know more on serenity, patience and evaluate vibrations and emotions. This is because vibrations and emotions play a part in designing our reality.

They carry the joy, light, kindness and friendship. They usually have a capability of sympathizing with others but they also tend to be susceptible to getting hurt. All these make them highly sensitive.

The number eleven stands in such a position that shows two arrows pointing towards the upward direction. People who are guided by this life path number are generally extremely ambitious and they can even attain their goals. However, they are also vulnerable to rapid declines. They tend to be creative, intelligence and flexible.

Therefore, people who are guided by master number 11 are straightforward and are connected with the spiritual universe. Don’t spend too much time working as you also need time to relax and take care of your mental health.

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  1. I keep seeing 11 for a year now I thought is just co incidence sometimes but it appears in my receipt, cars ,building I traveled a lot and see this in the streets too .thank god I was being guided and also to this person who made explanations god bless people.


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