Ceres in Cancer – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

As per mythological sources, Ceres is a Green and Roman ancient deity who is also known as Demeter in Greek legends. Ceres is a Roman name. Ceres were generally believed to be the goddess of crops, agriculture, fertility, and maternal characteristics. There are many who are of the opinion that Ceres discovered wheat.

Ceres in Cancer

Since there are mythological connections between Ceres with motherhood, she also symbolizes nourishment and is also the archetype of Nature. It is believed that Ceres is the deity who brought forth law and order in the society which was previously a lawless society.

As per stories of the legend, the Lord of Underworld, Hades, fell for Persephone, the daughter of Ceres. Hades took Persephone to his dim world and made her his queen. Ceres was in extreme pain when she discovered this and since then she eliminated the blessings that were given by Persephone to the world.

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Origin and meaning of Ceres in Astrology

In the world of astrology, Ceres is believed to be the largest asteroid that orbits between Jupiter and Mars. Due to its mammoth size and features, astronomers often deem Ceres to be a dwarf planet. Though Ceres has got interesting traits, its placement is still underrated as it should be mentioned more.

Ceres symbolise our mothering nature and much more. As Ceres is considered the mother of Earth, she is the indicator of all that matters to us. Ceres will symbolize a person’s well-being, nurture, and self-care. Being the ruler of food, cooking, and nourishment, Ceres represents nurture and is also the ruler of Virgo.

Due to the characteristics of Ceres, it has direct connections with the Moon, so much so that there are rare differences found between the two. Moon depicts the symbol between a child and a mother and Ceres shows what we may need from others in order to feel cared for and blessed.

Hence, this is a true indication of unconditional love.

Ceres explains how we should give and get care, affection, and attention. It also means one’s childhood, the way one grew up, and the results of self-care. This is what makes the connection between Virgo and Ceres.

The negative placement of Ceres in the world of astrology and it speaks of eating disorders, abandonment problems, and anguish. It shows how one shows love to friends, family, and pets. People with Ceres in a good place are caring, warm, and supportive.

These kids are hypersensitive people who tend to be highly dependent on other people. Something that drives both parents is the fear of not being able to live up to the standards of others. Ceres will help you overcome all obstacles in life and know how to care about others, and increase maturity.

Ceres in Cancer – What it means for a woman

The main features of Ceres in Cancer are the capability to nurture others, and take care of others, like a caring mother. She has too much of feelings and is highly emotional and intense. This sign speaks of passionate love for close friends and family. There can also be some negative feelings as she feels protective and possessive about such people.

This is the position through which she can explicitly demonstrate her maternal side as a generous and kind woman who is ready to help people physically and financially. There are times when she can feel depressed in case, she is not able to do all the work by herself. Though this is perfect for people around her, it can be overwhelming and frustrating for the children.

Ceres in Cancer – What it means for a man

When a man is born with Ceres in Cancer, it means he will be a loving and generous person who can sacrifice everything for the sake of his family. He prefers staying back at home rather than going out too often. Spending quality time is equivalent to spending time with children and his spouse rather than going out for gambling or clubbing.

Nevertheless, there might be a few difficulties with financial matters since he might fear getting too greedy and materialistic. Although a certain level of greed is seen to be common among several males in cancer, they often face too much greed which can become tough to deal with.

Ceres in Cancer – Soulmate and Personality

People who are born under a position where Ceres lies within the Cancer zodiac sign, are capable of building the homeliest atmosphere anywhere. Other people will feel cozy and most comfortable when with these individuals. This clearly reveals how the spouse and family members of this person will feel around him.

There is a need to take good care of other people near the surroundings and they will have to be taken care of as well. They have a needy personality that will expect exactly what they give in. They never make a single mistake about it.

If you’re living with a soulmate who has such a position as Ceres, you can’t be lazy and procrastinating. Once you start taking care of them, they’ll make you worthy.

However, there are many concerns regarding these people not feeling loved. Often, they are attacked by a feeling that everyone hates them. In case their loving nature turns them into something opposite, they will soon become demanding and needy people.

Everyone will walk away from such a person if this kind of behavior continues for a very long span of time. Food also plays a relevant part in their lives and hence eating makes them extremely happy. They can eat and change their mood when they’re unhappy.

If such people were taken good care of since their childhood, they will grow up to be sensitive individuals who will learn to give care to others.

The largest asteroid Ceres in the zodiac Cancer brings forth the nature of caring for others, compassion, and expression of emotions.

Personality Traits of Ceres in Cancer

Stable and protective

Such people who are born under Ceres in cancer prove to be really good fathers and husbands as they are always willing to safeguard and protect their near and dear ones. They’ll study hard, work hard, and do anything that is required for taking care of their loved ones.

Productive and diligent

Ceres in Cancer is also a diligent individual who has enough energy that can heighten the level of productivity of the entire group. That concerned person can be great in politics and business, thanks to his coordination, planning, organization, and strategic skills.

Headstrong and possessive

These people are highly possessive about their family members and are emotionally attached to them. There are times when they overdo this behavior to an extent where the children feel claustrophobic and fear leaving home for study or work. This happens when motherly love goes wrong.

Caring and Loyal

People who are born under Ceres in the Cancer position are immensely loyal to family and friends and they always give higher priority to them over themselves. If it is a woman, she will definitely be a person who will cook for her family members even after a hard day at the office or when they are ill.

Flexible and emotional

Ceres in Cancer people tend to be extremely emotional and hence you can expect a person to cry often while watching sad and emotional movies. At the same time, they also tend to get angry over very small things. This person can be tough to deal with, especially when she is emotional, as their reactions aren’t always linked to the situation. Her mood will have an impact on others around her.

Self-conscious and shy

As this person is usually too brave while supporting her near and dear ones, she is also shame and timid in her personal life. There are times when she can even make a decision of breaking a relationship with someone if she thinks that the person is not compatible with her anymore.

Money-conscious and thrifty

Generally, Ceres in Cancer is a person who spends all her money on her friends and family. Such a person will be thrifty and doesn’t like spending money on other people or on herself. But when it comes to buying gifts for loved ones, she can spend a whole lot of money.

Empathetic and compassionate

In general, cancer is a compassionate zodiac sign and they tend to be empathetic towards the problems of other people. They are always ready to listen to the concerns of other people and give them advice whenever they are depressed and dejected. These people are ready to help, both financially and emotionally.

Food lover and adventurous

Both the women and men born under Ceres in Cancer love food and love having fun. They are people who love to try various cuisines of the world and prefer visiting new places with family and friends. They can plan a trip anytime as they tend to be adventurous souls.

So, with all other zodiac signs, there are both negative and positive traits when Ceres is placed in Cancer. You should learn how to adjust to the good and reduce the bad traits of these people. Just try your best to follow your dreams and never give up.

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