55 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

There’s no doubt in saying that 55 is one of the most common and seen angel numbers by several people. Do you often see this number? If answered yes, you needn’t fret, as this number signifies opportunity. Whenever your guardian angels wish to warn you about some impending danger, this number appears in front of you.

Angel Number 55 and Its Meaning

The True Meaning of Angel Number 55

The number 55 heralds a period of change, transition and growth. This might be in the form of an overseas trip, a new job or moving back to your city or even a new opportunity in the commercial field.

The number 55 announces a positive change in life and is a sign of transformation, speaks about pleasurable adventures. Whenever you see the number 55, you should stay ready to see some of the biggest changes. You have to get used to such changes and be open to opportunities and experiences.

Be expectant of a welcome change with number 55

When you’re guided by the number 55, you should not only be expecting the change but you should also be ready to embrace the change.

There are many who don’t wish to go through any changes but they need to break away from their shackles and welcome new things in life. If you wish to start over and bring in new memories in life, it is important to embrace change. Forget the things that have occurred in the past and focus on the future.

Angel number 55, just as 555, doesn’t want you to live in past and begin to live in the present. This numbers wants you to focus on the future as your guardian angels want you to understand this is the time you should start living in a way that inspires you. It is true that life is too short to remain unhappy or dissatisfied.

Finding out the meaning of Angel Number 55

When the essence of the single number 5 is doubled, the meaning of 55 is even stronger. Whenever a single number’s energy is doubled, this also boosts the energy of the number twice. The energy of the number 5 is not only versatile but also adventurous and it is capable of helping you meet any challenges.

55 is a multiple of master number 11 but it is also called a master number. This means that is has higher frequency of vibration as compared to the other 2-digit numbers.

Being a master number in itself, 55 is the number that signifies freedom, independence and self-determination. As this vibration plays a role in your life, it demands you to be forward-looking so that you could focus on learning new things.

55 is an expression of Number 1

Did you ever wonder over the fact that this angel number 55 could be reduced to number 1 by just adding the digit? It is seen that 5+5=10 and 1+0=1.

Numerology uses this technique of reducing a bigger digit to its root number in order to unravel the energies that are hidden in that specific number.

The number 1 signifies leadership, new beginning and opportunity. When you’re treading into a new phase of life, you should remain focused on positive experiences and be open to learning new things.

Always stay in touch with your angels as they can help you with the best results. One more aspect of this change is the role which it plays in the universe.

When your angels send you messages regarding the angel number 55, this means that they’re trying to remind you about retaining your focus on the Universe.

All you have to do is to stay tuned to the bigger picture and align yourself with energy that offers you independence and freedom that you’ve been looking for.

Do you see angel number 55 often?

This is one such case where you can easily track your lucky stars. If numbers could be given a badge of honor, the angel number 55 would have many. If you notice this number too often, you’re lucky enough. Here’s how you can utilize your luck.

First things need to come first. With the angel number 55, you should have the right kind of feeling towards this number. There are few angel numbers that aren’t necessarily good. Most often, they are either presented as positive or negative.

So, if you tend to see a specific set of numbers too often, you should determine your gut instincts towards that number. In case you negative vibes from a number, you should understand that you’re being prompted to not follow that vector.

Coming back to the honorable number 55, this is definitely a positive number with everything good about it.

What is so good about 55?

Astrologers are of the opinion that the angel number 55 is deceptive. In other words, it is sort of palindrome. It plays the role of both to and from.

Few other words that is associated with this number are ‘wicked’ and ‘Satan’. But hey, you needn’t fret as palindromes work in different environments. Hence it signifies both Heaven and the sky.

The design of angel number 55 makes it a disparate member that belongs to different classes. For the novices, the number 55 is same forward and backward. It is also a triangular number.

Now what is so good with a triangular number? A triangular number answers different types of issues with simple geometries and formulas. The Pythagoreans studied the properties of this number.

55 is an angel number in relationships and love

As per the number 55, there will also be positive changes in your love life. If you keep resisting these changes, this won’t let you develop in life. Your angel is actually trying to push you towards obtaining success in all steps that you’re going to take. Release yourself of all toxic relations and focus on relations that only make you grow.

Therefore, if you keep seeing the lucky number 55 time and again, believe in its powers and wait for some good change to come into your life.

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