What is Feng Shui? Everything You Need To Know And Tips To Use

Your house is the way into your bliss. Amazed? Indeed, a spotless home can do ponders with regards to quieting your nerves and inspiring your mindset.

To ensure that homes look their best selves, Feng Shui investigates every possibility.

What is Feng Shui?

National Geographic makes sense of Feng Shui as an “old Chinese craft of orchestrating structures, items, and space in a climate to accomplish congruity and equilibrium such that will bring harmony and success.” If you are looking to clean up your loft to introduce energy and satisfaction, Feng Shui may be the best option for you.

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What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui signifies “the method of wind and water”. It attaches back to early Taoism yet has figured out how to hold its ubiquity as well as spread its branches outside China to numerous different nations across the world.

Feng Shui Essentials

The old Chinese practice begins from the Taoist idea of chi — the existence force, which lives inside each substance. Chi is shaped while two restricting and correlative powers — yin and yang — meet up.

Yin addresses female energy and is frequently connected with the evening time, coolness and calm. While yang is the supplementing manly energy addressed by the sun, friendliness, and intensity.

Feng Shui is about amicably adjusting these two energies, by building structures, orchestrating furniture, and other style things such that improve the progression of positive chi and keep the negative chi under control.

How does positive chi assist you with inquiring? As per the old Chinese individuals, positive chi helps in fending sicknesses off, working on relational connections, and guaranteeing the best of luck.

Parts of Feng Shui

Feng Shui separates the world into five parts — wood addresses inventiveness and development; fire represents authority and intensity; earth means strength and security; metal connotes concentration and request; water represents feeling and motivation. Working around these five aspects can guarantee positive chi and equilibrium in the regular progression of energy.

To make adjusting energies simpler, Chinese Feng Shui aces designed an instrument known as the Bagua map.

A Bagua map depicts the numerous regions or stations of one’s life — like wellbeing, vocation, individual life, and others — and afterward corresponds these stations to various pieces of an individual’s home.

Tips you can consolidate to rehearse Feng Shui at Home and Office

  • Steer away from any sort of clutter and mess. Recall that a spotless home is a blissful home. Whether it is your kitchen, closet or shelf, sort out it well to guarantee there is no deficiency of positive energy in your dwelling place. The region around the entry and principal door ought to be liberated from any wreck since that is precisely where energy enters your house.
  • Add a few plants to your stylistic decor. This will add the wood component, which means imagination and development. You can likewise utilize the fortunate feline or fortunate frog figurine, the two of which are considered to bring best of luck and abundance.
  • Eliminate harmed things and dead plants from your home.
  • Use colors that reverberate with the five components of Feng Shui. Hearty tones, grays, whites, blues and reds are a few varieties that you can utilize.
  • Ensure your bed, work area, and oven are in an ordering position — that is confronting the entry door.
  • Pick a relieving tone for your room and guarantee there’s space on one or the other side of your bed. In the case of picking end tables, ensure they are of a similar level. Additionally, set aside some margin to make your bed each day.
  • Likewise, eliminate anything that obstructs your way and dials back your development in your home. In the event that you are finding a seat routinely, it is no time like the present you change its situation.
  • Clean your windows to let in daylight into your home for warm and splendid energy. Allow the energy to stream.

Five Elements

In feng shui, we utilize the five-element system, which comes from Taoist way of thinking. This framework takes a look at the patterns of nature and how they cooperate to be in balance. The five components are earth, metal, water, wood, and fire. Every component is related to specific characteristics, as well as varieties and shapes that can be utilized as plan components assuming you might want to improve those characteristics in your home and life.


Earth is connected with taking care of oneself, limits, and sustenance. It’s associated with gritty tones like yellow, orange, and brown, as well as square shapes and weighty articles.

You can add the earth component to your home with a square yellow floor rug, or a strong rectangular work area.


Metal has the characteristics of delight, magnificence, and accuracy. White, gray, and metallic tones, as well as roundabout shapes, signify metal.

To add metal to your space, take a stab at adding a round, metallic grower or light installation.


Water addresses profound insight, as well as our association with others and our general surroundings. It’s associated with dark, extremely dull blue, and wavy shapes.

You can add water to your home with a water fountain or work of art with watery pictures.


Wood is connected with development, recuperating, and essentialness. It is addressed by green, blue, and blue-green, as well as tall, columnar shapes.

Green houseplants are a particularly extraordinary method for acquainting the wood component with your home.


Fire addresses enthusiasm, motivation, and permeability. It is connected with searing varieties like red and dazzling orange, and triangle shapes.

Light is additionally associated with the fire component. Lights are an extraordinary method for adding the fire component to your home.

Room by Room Tips


The entry, called the mouth of qi, is where energy enters your space. It likewise individuals see from outside your home, so it addresses your face to the world. Try to keep this region perfect and liberated from the mess, so qi can course through without any problem. It’s additionally vital that your front entryway is not difficult to track down. Is it obviously named and liberated from impediments? Your companions, as well as delivery individuals, ought to have the option to effectively find and access it.

It’s likewise really smart to keep this region clean. Clear your entrance routinely, and make sure to wash your entryway too. You may likewise need to add a light installation to keep this region brilliant and present the fire component.


Lounges are spots to assemble with loved ones, so they ought to feel comfortable and inviting. Ensure you have open seating — enough for each and every individual who lives in the home, in addition to a couple of additional seats for visitors. To support association and discussion, face seats and couches towards one another. Attempt to abstain from having the backs of seats confronting the entryway however much as could be expected.

Sound green plants can likewise be an incredible option to the parlor, as they add indispensable life force energy as well as the wood component, which addresses graciousness and sympathy.


The kitchen is a significant region of the home since it addresses how we support ourselves. One method for further developing your kitchen feng shui is to ensure your fridge is perfect and clean. Are there any things toward the rear of the cooler that are terminated? Get out anything that is at this point not valuable to you and fertilizer it. Then, wipe down within fully intent on making a space where you can support yourself.


Since washrooms have a ton of channels, they can be a wellspring of descending and exhausting energy. To limit this, it’s smart to keep the restroom entryway and latrine seat shut however much as could be expected. Since water addresses the progression of riches and cash in feng shui, this can assist with keeping cash from streaming away from you.


Your bed and room address you, so this is a truly significant region to take a gander at in feng shui, and an extraordinary spot to begin. To start with, ensure your bed is in the telling position. Then, actually, take a look at under the bed. It’s not ideal to involve this region as capacity, since you invest a ton of uninvolved energy resting and dozing here, so anything under you influences you vigorously. In the event that you want to store things under your bed for space reasons, ensure you just have delicate, bed-related things like sheets and covers.

Yin and Yang

The way of thinking of yin and yang saturates numerous old Chinese fields of study, from combative techniques to medication to feng shui. It’s an idea of duality, exhibiting those contradictory powers are interconnected and work together to make congruity: yin is detached, delicate energy, while yang is forceful, striking one. As it connects with an inside plan, you’ll need an equilibrium of the two sorts of energies, with yin energy in quiet, loosening up spaces like your room or restroom and yang energy in your more friendly, useful spaces like your kitchen or workspace.

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