Best East Facing House Vastu Plan (Dos & Don’ts)

Many individuals who have faith in Vastu for home consider the east-facing houses promising and auspicious. Nonetheless, not just the direction makes the house propitious or foreboding.

East Facing House Vastu

The preparation, position, and direction of different parts in Vastu matter for your prosperity. Allow us to actually look at certain realities and dos and don’ts about the east-facing house Vastu plan.

East-facing House Vastu Plan

The best east-facing house Vastu plan is extraordinary regarding harmony, concordance, well-being, thriving, name, fame, and improvement. In the Vastu Shastra table, there is a sum of 9 segments, which are called Pada.

Fundamental Entry in East-facing House Vastu Plan

The fifth Pada, which is the most promising, expects you to zero in on the principal door of the east-facing house Vastu plan. This course is accepted to be honored by the Sun (The God of Fame). It gets daylight and inspiration.

What in all actuality does house Pada mean?

In Vastu for home, there is a sum of 9 segments/parts, which are called 9 pada. The utilization of Pada 1 and 2 is precluded, as it probably won’t demonstrate its usefulness, as per Vastu shastra. In any case, in the event that you have no choice left, ensure you leave no less than 6 inches of room from the wall in the North-East Direction.

Arrangement of Lounge room in East-facing House Vastu Plan

Keeping the situation of the parlor into thought while planning your home is fundamental. For example, a lounge room ought not to be put where you need to go through the room or kitchen while advancing toward the residing region. It ought to be situated according to the principles of Vastu Shastra. In an east-facing house Vastu plan, the lounge room ought to be situated on the northeast side of the house; it is thought of as promising Vastu.

Furthermore, remember that the north and east side walls are a piece more slender and more limited than the ones in the west or south. This attracts achievement and flourishing individual and expert life.

The guest room ought to be in the northwest.

Position of Temple in East-facing House Vastu Plan

The pooja room is the most consecrated place in our homes. It is obligatory to have a sanctuary in each house, regardless of the direction and space accessible. In an east-facing house Vastu plan, the pooja room ought to be in the northeast direction.

The situation of the Kitchen in the East-facing House Vastu Plan

The kitchen is a sacred spot representing nurturing and sustenance. In an east-facing house Vastu plan, the kitchen ought to be in the northwest or south-east. You ought to confront the east in the southeast kitchen and west in the northwest kitchen while cooking. Putting a few plants or establishing a tree just outside can likewise be gainful.

Which Plot is Great According to the East-facing House Vastu Plan?

A plot having a slight incline from south to north is viewed as great and favorable. A plot having a slant from north to south ought to stay away from.

Position of Bedroom in East-facing House Vastu Plan

Master Bedroom ought to be in the South-West Direction, as it is viewed as the best setting for a house pointing toward the east. Vastu for the house is like water for fish, and the place of the room assumes a crucial part.

East-facing House – Don’ts

  • Toilets ought not to be built in the North East corner.
  • The room ought not to be arranged in the North East corner.
  • No septic tank ought to be constructed in the North East corner.
  • No Flight of stairs ought to be underlying the North East direction of the house.
  • The kitchen in the North-East corner is a severe no.

Position of Garden in East-facing House Vastu Plan

Trees ought not to be established on the east and north side of the plot, thinking about Vastu for the house. Be that as it may, you can establish a colorful flower in the nursery to bring energy.

Choice of color for East-facing House Vastu Plan

Light shades of color are suggested for houses pointing toward the east. As the house would get more than adequate daylight from the east bearing, the light tone would intensify the daylight. Ideal tones are white or light blue for houses pointing toward the east.

How to decide east-facing house Vastu?

While understanding the Vastu for an east-facing house, it is fundamental that you comprehend what east-facing implies and accurately recognize an east-facing level. Notwithstanding, many individuals commit the normal error of expecting that a house that faces the rising sun is an east-facing house. To comprehend this, one ought to know that the world’s pivot of turn is shifted by 23.5 degrees and that the course of the rising sun changes in a year, over a specific period. That is, there are season switches as the earth finishes one unrest up the sun. The sun ascends in the specific east bearing two times in a year, on 20th March or 21st March and on 22nd September or 23rd of September. To decide the east-facing house bearing according to Vastu, utilize a compass that precisely focuses the north course.

Utilizing a compass is a confided in the method for deciding the east facing. Presently, move out of the house through the principal entrance. On the off chance that the direction that you are confronting is east, you have an east-facing door, and that implies it is a the east-facing house.

Vastu for east-facing house or level

As indicated by Vastu Shastra rules, east-facing properties are accepted to be great for structures and multi-story condos. In any case, for autonomous houses and homes, this direction isn’t counted among the most ideal decisions. Additionally, there are sure Vastu rules, that must be adhered to with regards to Vastu for an east-facing property.

East-facing house primary door Vastu

The primary door associates the rest of the world with the house and it is the point from where positive energies stream into the house. Thus, it is fundamental to guarantee the right situation of the principal door according to Vastu rules. Misalignment can make the house ominous and have adverse consequences for the family.

To sort out where to plan the primary door in an east-facing home, first and foremost envision and gap the east length of the house from the upper east corner (initial step/pada) to the southeast corner (10th step/pada) in nine equivalent parts. According to the rules of primary door Vastu for east-facing houses, each part is alluded to as pada or step. The fifth pada is propitious for the fundamental door as it is the area of Sun, the lord of notoriety. It will welcome name, distinction, and regard for the inhabitants.

According to Vastu specialists, the east corner has eight pada – Agni, Jayanta, Indra, Surya, Satya, Bhrisha, Antariksha, and Anila, when named from the top to the base. In the east-facing house Vastu, the Jayanta or Indra pada are respected as the most propitious spots for the fundamental door entrance. This arrangement is accepted to draw in prosperity and bliss for the relatives.

Assuming your entry is in the northeast corner, ensure the principal door doesn’t contact the northeast corner. For this, you can leave somewhere around 6 inch (1/2 ft) hole between the wall and the fundamental door.

In the event that you have a south-east-facing house primary entry, follow these solutions to invalidate the Vastu dosha:

  1. Place three Vastu pyramids, one on each side of the door and the third one on the highest point of the primary door, in the middle.
  2. You can likewise put the image of Om, Swastik, and Trishul, on the two sides of the door.
  3. Install a Siddha Shukra Yantra for dispensing with negative energy from the home.
  4. Alternatively, you can likewise utilize a Siddha Vastu Kalash, to enhance the positive energy created in this piece of the corner.

Kitchen Vastu for east-facing house

For an east-facing house, kitchen Vastu proposes that the kitchen ought to be in the southeast course of the house. If that isn’t achievable, then, the north-west ought to likewise work. Nonetheless, stay away from the north, north-east and west directions. The individual who is preparing the feasts, ought to confront the east course in a south-east-facing kitchen and the west bearing in a north-west-facing kitchen. Place the cooking oven, broiler, and toaster ovens in the south-east region for positive energy. Storage and fridge ought to be in the south-west course, according to the east-facing house Vastu plan.

Main room Vastu for east-facing house

The main room ought to be arranged in the south-west course, in east-facing homes, according to the house Vastu plan. The main room ought to constantly be greater than the different rooms in the house. As per Vastu, the ideal spot to keep the bed is the south or west mass of the room, with the goal that the head lies in the south or west bearing and the legs are in the north or east course. The best spot for a changing room in the main room is the west or north side of the room. Likewise, the restroom should not straightforwardly confront the bed, and the door of the washroom should be shut consistently.

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