10 of Wands Yes or No? Explained A-Z with Examples

The Ten of Wands is like the Nine of Wands in that the two cards address life’s battles. Be that as it may, dissimilar to the card previously, the Ten of Wands represents what it really feels like to worry about a weighty concern.

10 of Wands

Whether it’s physical, monetary, profound, or otherworldly, having a lot for you to deal with can prompt a presence that appears to be more similar to a burden than a gift.

What could you at any point find out about adjusting liability from this Minor Arcana card? Is there a method for transforming your difficulties into winning? Continue to peruse to figure out more.

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Keywords of TEN OF WANDS

Prior to jumping further into the reversed and upright ten of wands card meaning, and its association with affection, work, and life, initial a speedy outline of the main words associated with this Minor Arcana card.

Upright Struggling, overextending, feeling burdened
Reversed Undependable, stressed, procrastination
Yes or No No
Numerology 10, 1
Element Fire
Planet Jupiter
Astrological Sign Sagittarius


To completely comprehend the Ten of Wands tarot card meaning, we will initially investigate the delineation, varieties, and imagery.

On the essence of the Ten of Wands, a man is conveying a heap of ten wands. These sticks appear to be weighty as he is bowed over a little.

Since he is strolling toward a town, we can’t see his demeanor all over. Is it one of misery? Or on the other hand maybe weariness?

Does he look glad to approach his objective, we can figure out. What is clear is that for now, the young fellow is by all accounts over-burden. Is there something that he could do to lift his burden only a tad?


Each significance associated with the Upright Ten of Wands has to accomplish through difficult work. In spite of the fact that it is fundamental to be persevering and capable, anything in abundance can be undesirable.

A large number of us are accommodating people commonly. We take on such a large number of ventures and errands since we feel remorseful while saying ‘no’ or ‘I can’t.’ The Ten of Wands cautions against this negative behavior pattern.

Despite the fact that helping other people is honorable, expanding yourself monetarily, inwardly, or actually for the sake of ‘helping’ can be poisonous. On the off chance that this card has shown up in your perusing, seriously investigate where your significant investment is engaged.


The Ten of Wands frequently shows up in a career and money reading when somebody is feeling exhausted, came up short on, and undervalued. On occasion, you feel like you can see the reason to have hope.

Nonetheless, the everyday drudgery can make it hard to keep a confidence. If you take a gander at the Ten of Wands somewhat closer, you’ll see that the staff are hindering the man’s capacity to see the course.

In some cases, we have all that we want to succeed however flop at any rate since we are centered around the now rather than the master plan. What monetary and career-related objectives do you have? Are there material things you truly need to accomplish like another home or vehicle?

Take a higher perspective of the circumstance. What do you have going for you that can assist you with getting this going? Make a rundown of these and center around the positive.


In adoration and connections, the Ten of Wands addresses somebody who feels as though the person is investing every one of the amounts of energy. There is not enough balance in the relationship, with one individual taking on all of the obligations while the other individual spotlights different things.

This frequently shows up in readings where one life partner is a compulsive worker or generally distracted. The other companion could feel like he/she is conveying a profound burden.

Obviously, every circumstance is unique, however, in the event that these sentiments are not managed, they can undoubtedly rot into disdain.

Assuming you’re single, the Ten of Wands recommends that you have a lot of stuff to find success in a relationship.

This equivalent importance thinks of couples who are battling to relinquish the past too. It’s hard to focus on the future assuming you are as yet battling with the heaviness of things that you should abandon.

In the event that this is you, put down your wands and walk bravely into your future.


Stress kills! It can hurt both your body and brain. Assuming you are feeling serious tension that is introducing itself genuinely or intellectually, the time has come to focus on yourself.

You might need to make a few intense penances that are for your more noteworthy great. Progressing forward with the heaviness of the world on your shoulders will just prompt a breakdown.

Set aside some margin to tame your timetable. Are there things that you can scale back or cut out and out? Begin by saving only two hours every week that you can devote to your own well-being and otherworldly objectives.


In this section, we will talk somewhat more about what it implies in the event that you’ve pulled the Ten of Wands tarot card in the reversed position (topsy turvy).

Are you or somebody in your life experiencing difficulty assuming liability as a result of dread, need, or frailty? The Reversed Ten of Wands doesn’t address sluggishness.

It features what is happening in which somebody feels so wrecked that they clasp under tension. Since the heaviness of the world is on them, they freeze out of dread.

If you are in ‘over-burden mode’ and have lost your inspiration or drive, don’t be difficult for yourself. All things considered, acknowledge where you are and set aside some margin to ‘reset.’ You’ll feel improved once you let go of doing everything and spotlight on what means quite a bit to you.


Since the Ten of Wands’s general importance has to do with being overburdened, the response to yes or no inquiries including this card alone is no.

Like adding an excessive number of blocks to a tower, pursuing serious choices right now could make all that come tumbling down.

Rather than acting, carve out opportunities to let yourself free from current obligations that have you on ‘over-burden.’ Then, at that point, you’ll be in a vastly improved position to address significant choices and connections.


The Ten of Wands addresses the zodiac sign Sagittarius, a fire sign governed by Jupiter. Sagittarians are ordinarily faithful, shrewd, decisive, and humane characters.


When joined with different cards, the importance of the Ten of Wands can somewhat change. Beneath you can find the main mixes of this Wands card.


Nothing bad can really be said about striving to show what you can do. As a matter of fact, the message of the Magician and the Ten of Wands together is that you really want to show what you can do through extraordinary exertion. Assuming that there is something that you truly need (i.e., an advancement, a relationship), the Performer urges you to show and tell.’ Put in the hard work, and the prize will be yours.


The Emperor is an earth card, addressing a supporting and mothering soul. Not at all like the Emperor, her craving isn’t to control. Rather her energy is to help.

A significant number of us, particularly ladies, assume the job of the Ruler. We want to help and satisfy others. This is human instinct. Nonetheless, satisfying others all the time is incomprehensible. To attempt to do so just adds to interior despondency and sensations of low self-esteem.

Rather than taking on or giving excessively, attempt to zero in on your own inward necessities. Are there things within you that you are dismissing by investing all of your effort toward outside things? Provided that this is true, right now is an ideal opportunity to roll out an improvement.


This card blend is definitely not an undeniable one, yet it actually holds a strong message. It is essential to respect our responsibilities, however not to the point that work and worldly possessions rule us. Certain individuals put a ton of significant worth on cash and material things, and that is totally fine!

Yet, what might be said about different pieces of life like the association with self, a more powerful, family, and companions? The Nine of Cups and Ten of Wands caution against being so enveloped with accomplishment that you disregard all the other things.


Quit holding tight. This is the direction given by the Ten of Wands and the Hanged Man. It is absolutely impossible to push ahead in the event that you are as yet clutching the hurt of the past.

It is in every case great to gain from our encounters, however, we shouldn’t permit these life illustrations to keep us bound. Set out each of the wands that never again serve you.

Doing so will ease up your weight and drive you toward a lot more promising time to come.

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