How to Use Lucky Bamboo for Good Feng Shui

Bamboo plants are thought of as exceptionally lucky and propitious, as indicated by Vastu Shastra, as well as Feng Shui. It is accepted that keeping bamboo plants at home and in the workplace, brings the best of luck, abundance, and fortune. Throughout some undefined time frame, bamboo plants have been changed, for keeping it indoors as a houseplant.

Today, bamboo plants are accessible in various sizes and assortments – from little size ‘fellowship plants’, where logs of bamboo are stacked together and attached with red lace and set in glass containers loaded up with stones, rocks, and water, to the bigger ones with long level and thick stems and leaves. You can find an assortment of lucky bamboo plants in gift shops, as well as nurseries. Here, we take a gander at all that you really want to realize about bamboo plants and where to put them in the house.

Best Places for Lucky Bamboo for Good Feng Shui

How to Use Lucky Bamboo for Good Feng Shui


According to Vastu Shastra standards, the lucky bamboo plant ought to be put in the east or southeast corner of the house.

Lucky bamboo: Quick realities

Plant name: Dracaena Sanderiana

Family: Asparagaceae

Origin: Originated in Southeast Asia, something around 5000 years back

Normal shapes of lucky bamboo: 2 layers, 3 layer,s and 7 layers

Size (when completely grown): 3 to 5 feet in level, 2 to 3 feet wide

Sun requirements: Moderate daylight (incomplete shade)

Soil requirements: Moist

Bamboo plant benefits

The bamboo plant, which started in south-east Asia, is one of the simplest houseplants to really focus on. It is a tropical water lily-kind of plant that is generally liked by individuals because of its advantages:

  • Bamboo assists with keeping the climate spotless as it is a characteristic air purifier.
  • The lucky bamboo plant is known for carrying the best of luck and favorable luck to the family.
  • Bamboo plants can be handily filled in directions where there is low and aberrant light. The bamboo plant can get by for about 10 years whenever given direct daylight and unadulterated water.
  • The stems of this plant give an engaging look to the stylistic layout of any style of home.
  • The lucky bamboo plant is accepted to make positive energy and well-being for house proprietors.
  • The lucky bamboo plant draws healthy for the whole family when set in the east bearing. It draws in cash and abundance whenever kept in the southeast direction.
  • The bamboo shoot has health benefits which are among the huge advantages of the bamboo plant. It is wealthy in amino acids, fiber, phosphorous, magnesium, iron, and different supplements.
  • Bamboo plant likewise has calming properties.
  • Bamboo tree for home is valuable it very well may be utilized for improving purposes, including furniture. Long stems of the bamboo tree are likewise utilized for the development of houses, rooftops, flooring, walls, points of support, spans, and so on.

While a lucky bamboo plant benefits you in numerous ways, giving the plant satisfactory care is fundamental. The ideal position of the lucky bamboo and standard support will guarantee that the plant brings the best of luck.

Lucky bamboo benefits: Why bamboo plants are thought of as so lucky?

The bamboo plants are considered lucky plants according to Feng Shui. As per Feng Shui, the empty construction of the plant helps in the development of Chi energy. It is accepted that the bamboo plant helps in the development of positive energy, thus, producing more overflow and success. Aside from this, the line-like design of the plant additionally connotes the insight of allowing the energy to move from inside to the rest of the world, consequently, quieting your psyche and soul.

Lucky bamboo plants for home: How to organize the plants?

2 Stalks of bamboo plant: Love and marriage

3 Stalks of bamboo plant: Happiness

5 Stalks of bamboo plant: Health

8 Stalks of bamboo plant: Wealth

9 Stalks of bamboo plant: Fortune

10 Stalks of bamboo plant: Wish for a wonderful life

11 Stalks of bamboo plant: Good karma

21 Stalks of bamboo plant: Blessings and overflow

On the off chance that you are intending to keep lucky bamboo plants at home or office, the number of stalks ought to be chosen with legitimate consideration, as every course of action has a particular reason, as indicated by Feng Shui. There are a few customary convictions in regards to bamboo plant game plan and situation and are accepted to be more productive when polished perseveringly.

Try not to gift a heap of four lucky bamboo plants, as it connotes a wish for death.

Bamboo plant Vastu: Where to put the lucky bamboo establish in a home?

  • Ideally, keep the lucky bamboo plant in the east corner. You can keep the bamboo plant in the southeast zone, to draw in abundance and fortune. It is accepted that you can likewise dispose of monetary problems and accomplish thriving, assuming you keep it in this corner.
  • Keep bamboo plants at the focal point of the eating table, to help positive energy at home and draw in overflow.
  • Bamboo plants can be kept in rooms, also. Since it requires negligible consideration and little daylight, rooms are the ideal spot to add a bamboo plant to the home for getting some vegetation.
  • Lucky bamboo represents development, starting points, and family amicability. Place it close to the entry of the home, to draw in this multitude of uplifting tones.
  • Bamboo plants additionally go about as air purifiers and eliminate poisons from the environmental elements. They develop to levels of a few ft and are not difficult to really focus on.
  • Try not to hold the plant under direct daylight.

Various names of lucky bamboo

The Feng Shui lucky bamboo is the type of Dracaena Sanderiana. It has a place with the family Asparagaceae. Different names for this lucky houseplant are Chinese water bamboo, Friendship bamboo, curly lucky bamboo, Belgian evergreen, Goddess of Mercy, and Sander’s Dracaena.

Bamboo plant holders

Lucky bamboo can be filled in a shallow dish, a glass bowl, a container, a tall jar (contingent upon the bamboo size ) or porcelain and clay pots as well. In the event that you decide on a low dish or bowl, guarantee it has no less than one inch of room all over for the roots to fan out without any problem.

Preferably, keep the lucky bamboo plant in a straightforward compartment, so the roots are noticeable. Likewise, this holder ought to have every one of the five components – earth, metal, wood, water, and fire.

Here is a simple method for remembering these components for the compartment:

Earth: Add a few pebbles to the pot.

Metal: Add a few coins to the pot.

Wood: The stem represents the wood component.

Water: Add some water to the pot.

Fire: Tie the plant with a red-shaded lace/band.

  • While bamboo doesn’t require a lot of water to make due, you can establish it according to your decision. In the event that you are establishing it in water, the roots ought to remain covered with water. Assuming you are establishing it in soil, it ought to stay sodden, consistently. Be that as it may, don’t water it unnecessarily.

Try not to keep a bamboo plant that has yellow or dull green-hued stems. Try not to involve chlorinated water in the holder. All things being equal, use regular water which has more normal minerals. Renew the new water each seven to 10 days, to keep it solid.

While bamboo plants are not difficult to support and exceptionally lenient to the external climate, you ought to take appropriate consideration of it. Just a solid-looking plant can carry positive energy and development to your office and home.

You can likewise utilize a fluid houseplant compost once a month, to ward bugs off. Continuously eliminate the yellow leaves and yet again pot the bamboo as it grows out of the holder.

Lucky bamboo benefits according to Feng Shui

Picking a lucky bamboo plant for home brings the advantages of the multitude of five components. The game plan assumes an essential part in guaranteeing the greatest advantages of the accompanying components

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Wood
  • Fire
  • Metal

Lucky bamboo’s importance according to Feng Shui

Keeping bamboo plants at home is accepted to bring quiet energy. It addresses adaptability and opportunity and accordingly, individuals like to keep it in the workplace climate, too. The bamboo plant course of action likewise addresses the five components of earth, the groundwork of an agreeable universe.

Bamboo plant: How to prune and manage the plant?

Pruning implies eliminating dead branches, as well as molding the general plant. Managing is dealing with abundance to empower new development as the plant ages. At the point when the lucky bamboo plant turns out to be weighty towards the top, with various leaves, utilize cleaned scissors to cut back side shoots one inch over the base. Carefully, cut the branch-offs and not the main tail. To keep the lucky bamboo solid and developing consistently, routinely trim it. Assuming any shoots look long, slight, or fill in odd shapes, prune them. This will empower new development and furthermore improve its visual allure.

Lucky bamboo: How to develop the plant from cuttings?

On the off chance that the bamboo plant is getting too tall, cut a branch off from the principal stem, one inch over a hub. Guarantee that the branch-off has something like two leaf points. Place the cut tail in two creeps of water in a bowl and hang tight for half a month for the roots to develop. Add a couple of little stones to the water bowl, to adjust the plant.

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