Life Path Number 7 Personality, Business, Career and Love Life

If you believe in numerology and if your birth date numerologically reduces to number 7, this article is for you! Being a rookie, you have to understand that no single number can ever impose its strong influence on your life as there are roles played by other numbers too.

Life Path Number 7 – The Complete Guide

Numerology Life Path Number 7

Your life path number is something that reveals about your life’s strategy, the insights and the knowledge that has to be discovered through the meaning of your birth numbers.

Life Path Number 7

Seven is said to be a cerebral number and if you’re a life path number 7, you are a loner. They require reinstating their faith on faith.

Whenever they lose faith in things, they tend to get cynical and take resort to the influence of alcohol, drugs, work and geography. They have an in-born quality of loving the beauty of nature, the green grass, ocean, flowers and plants.

This is a number of extreme awareness and they have a wide perspective. The number 7 always has an aura of mystery around them and they’re never interested in knowing who they actually are.

They are analytical, critical, intellectual, reserved, thoughtful and have got a natural inclination towards spiritual things, loner, pessimism, loner, insecure and secretive.

Life Path Number 7 is a thinker

A person who is a life path number 7 usually tends to be a thinker. You will always run after seeking truth and watch out for wisdom in whatever tasks you do. The quest for underlying answers to your questions is never going to end for you. You strive to be a perfectionist and you also expect others around you to be one.

Since you’re comfortable with yourself along with being an introvert, you can give up stress very easily. 7s are always attracted towards spiritual pursuits.

Now that you’re always in love with solitude, you find it tough to involve yourself in close and tight relations. Although you give utmost value to your independence, yet there are times when you feel lonely as you’re not close with too many. This way you tend to lose feelings for others.

One of the biggest impediments of embracing a life of solitude is to maintain the balance between your loneliness and not getting totally isolated from the society.

As seven symbolises analysis, spiritual focus and independent attitude, people will always make you feel as if they don’t understand your underlying mystery.

Life Path 7 – Numerology personality

Personality Features: Reclusive, seeker, mystic, philosophical and silent.

As already mentioned above, in the world of numerology, life path number 7 is a weaker and you can never quench his thirst of curiosity. They never accept things at their face value and they think most of life is superficial. They always have a longing to know what’s behind the face and who is there behind the curtain.

While a 7 represents intelligence, this is not something that is always understood by the on-looker. Both Diana and Stephen Hawking was a number 7 and both were known for their shy attitude. Picasso and Rasputin were also life path number 7.

If you consider the world of fascinating numbers, 7 is definitely considered as one of the luckiest numbers. This luck is attached with a number 7 as they usually avert random nonsense that is based on untrue facts. In a 7’s life, shallowness has no place.

Despite all that, a life path number 7 will know how and when to laugh at life. They have an innate and wry wit but most people don’t get their wit.

They rarely care about physical activity but they prefer strategy, analysis and planning till they’re totally distracted. If you find a 7 in social settings, they can often regret their frustration but pay no heed to the issues of others.

God forbid, if a life path number 7 falls sick, they can irritate you with the most annoying demands. Their biggest gift is their mind. When a 7 utilizes his imagination and researching skills, he can achieve great heights in life.

Number 7 as a destiny number

From the Karmic point of view, 7 is a great place to settle down with. They usually struggle hard to aggravate their vibration levels in connection with the life’s patterns. Nevertheless, they never see them as unique or special.

The number 7 is usually seen as a sage or a visionary and he is also considered as a crazy elder. This is because his juniors can rarely match up to the mental activity of a 7.

Number 7 as a soul number or Heart’s Desire number

The soul and heart of a number 7 prefers solitude. They’re aware of the fact that even in uncluttered and quiet moments, the mind can hear God and see truth. If you have a 7 in your life, they’ll need their own space where their brain will welcome new trail of thoughts. This cave space is not just necessary for number 7s but also healthy.

There is also a softer side to life path number 7 as they’re able to perform good work and can also find out time for romance. Their mind usually is attracted by people who have solid values and ethics. A number 7 can literally debate with few of the strongest minds and also remain cordial with that person at the same time.

Number 7 – Numerology compatibility

If a number 7 continues with his quest for a pretty long time, he can fall in love really fast. As a 7 is involved in a relationship, he is constantly in need of reassurance. If a 7 is a parent, he is a good and worthy provider and can overdo in matters of expressing love.

During leisure times, the number 7 loves reading books and playing chess. As they are organised mentally, the environment and surrounding is comfortable in an odd way. Home has got a very deep meaning for a number 7.

So, if you are a number 7, you must own all the above mentioned characteristics and personality traits. Know more before making any huge life decision.

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