Life Path Number 5 – Life Path, Traits, Love, Career

Are you aware of what a life path number is? If you’re reading this article, it is taken for granted that you must be a number 5. What does that mean? This means that the numerological reduction of your date of birth must be 5. You may have been born on the 5th or 14th or 23rd and hence the reduction of your birth day comes down to 5.

Life Path Number 5 Personality, Career, Business and Love Life

Numerology Life Path Number 5

Being a life path number 5, you’re a freedom-seeker. You prefer discovering things before anyone else and this makes you a pioneer. This doesn’t mean that you have a sense of driving towards something new, but this means you’re never satisfied with being at peace doing nothing. You love risks and changes in life and you don’t like the idea of settling down.

You have the constant fear of being pressurized by either a rigid routine or by the expectations of others. Due to this, you may find it difficult to commit with others in a relation or towards your career goals. You hate the idea of being tied to another person but at the same time you prefer reporting to your boss about how you’ve spent your hours.

It’s possible for a 5 to develop a strict lifestyle that keeps away from restrictive responsibilities. However your lifestyle will still meet the standard for stability and this is a rather balancing act.

There is a strong desire for freedom that characterizes this number and this also includes a strong desire for righteousness. You tend to be passionate about philanthropic causes and you love volunteering for foreign projects on the same.

Since you’re great at motivating and persuading others, your humanitarian streak is a great thing. You have a talent of being able to play with words and thereafter rallying the emotions of other people.

Try your best to use this power for the best reasons. You can imagine yourself as a quick-talking salesman or a slimy politician who still didn’t lose their sense of morality.

Self-indulgence is their key

5 can definitely be a self-indulgent number and hence even the most refraining 4 could even be described as selfish. You get bored very easily and hence whenever you’ve completed your responsibilities, you will soon rush to engage yourself into something new and fun. That could even mean going off for a trip or cooking an exciting meal.

The 5s don’t force them into any structure that’s too strict for them. Though you need to be strict with yourself but it is better to make a life that minimizes all situations and you can aim to do so.

5 is also a creative sign as Steven Spielburg, Vincent van Gough and Beyonce are all life path number 5s. In case you’re stuck in a state where you don’t enjoy too much freedom, you can use art as an escape.

Life path number 5 in Romance and love

Thanks to the jet-setting style and charisma of 5 that you can make a rather attractive partner who will never suffer from shortage of suitors. Nevertheless, there are many 5s who are even too shy to fall in love or think of any amorous pursuits. A life path number 5 will always have the fear of tying a knot with someone who may mow down his spirit.

Despite the extrovert personality and the energetic person you are, you still keep others at bay fearing that getting closer to others might harm your freedom. Your freedom tends to be the most precious thing for you.

The only people whom you can allow into your life are those who are equally freedom-loving as you. This clearly means that you’re attracted towards 5s and 3s (who are more free-spirited than you). The 3s have a playful attitude that reduces your fear of losing your freedom.

If you can successfully keep aside your fears, you can also gel well with 1s and 7s as both these numbers possess energy that matches with yours. However, 1 has got a driven soul and he is immensely ambitious, not able to rest unless they’ve achieved what they wanted. On the contrary, 7 is a philosopher who has got an honest personality.

Life path number 5 – Business and careers

Due to your fear of losing your freedom, most of the life path number 5s find it tough to commit to a career. Your problem is almost similar to that of the number 3s as you go through bursts of passion and energy but later on find it tough to retain the passion.

While the number 3s keep jumping from one project to another, you have an added issue that you’re hesitating to commit to new things even though you may be passionate about them. You also have the awareness of knowing how transient your passion can be.

Hence you should always look for work that has got enough flexibility in it. The number five should always watch out for freelance and contract work as it provides you with a chance to stop whenever you want.

As soon as your burst of passion vanishes, you can again start hunting for a new job. One more benefit of freelance and contract work is that you get a chance to remain engaged in several other contracts at the same time.

Life path number 5 – How do they find fulfillment?

In the world of numerology, number 5 symbolises adventure and freedom. Such people are eager to explore the world and seep in the excitement of it. If there’s anyone who tries to pull you down, he shall be badly disheartened. You’re someone who will always refuse to restrain yourself.

You’re always after seeking adventure and trying out brand new things. Try making new friends who also have the same level of excitement as you.

It is only through numerology that you can remain aware of the tendencies of the number 5 and open doors to several opportunities. This way you can stay aware of the commitment that you’re making and enjoy it.

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