Lavender Aura Color Meaning And Personality

Lavenders love to live in a fiction world. They usually spend their time out of their societies where life is pretty and fascinating, enchanting. Fantasy, enhancement, dreams, myths, spiritual beings, angels, fairies are all the concepts which fill in the minds of the lavender.

Lavender Aura Color Personalities and Meaning

Lavender Auras

Lavender prefers fantastic pictures of the world such as butterflies, clouds, flowers, wood, and nymphs rather than dirt and concrete in the city. Lavender’s skin is alabaster white because they don’t like being outdoors unless it is surrounded by full of flowers and greenery.

They often spend time watching clouds float or by daydreaming. They behave in a childish manner who are sensitive and creative. Lavenders are free spirits and gentle who are not attached to any rules and restrictions. They are very entertaining and emotional.

Lavenders wish to be with the people who can see the potential in their creativity, and lofty ideas which are capable of taking actions and planning accordingly. Lewis Caroll and C.S Lewis both possess Lavender in their auras.

Life Purpose

Lavenders see life as a magical world with fantasy, dreams, enhancement, myths and spiritual beings. They are present only to improve our image and spread the power of magic in us.

They often change their direction as of the clouds. Many Lavenders found in different roles such as storytellers, dancers, artists, costume designers, writers, mimes, interior, and set designers.

Love and Relationships

Lavenders are lovely, sensitive, and whimsical creatures. They need partners who care them and provide a beautiful and lovely environment with full of clouds and greenery.

They feel delighted if they find a partner who solves all their financial problems and takes care of them. They need partners who make them feel safe and nourished.

Careers and Jobs

Lavenders are pleasant and friendly. They love to work in the stressfree environment where they can dream about the clouds. Lavenders don’t like calculating and analyzing and not even they organize everything.

They also have trouble remembering the orders given by the customers at the restaurant. Occupations that are attractive to Lavenders include Teacher, Educator, Artist, Writer, Set Designer, Internal Decorator, and Mime. They even don’t desire to take responsibilities. They always wish to be free from stress and pressure.

Money and Abundance

Lavenders have a difficult time understanding money. Lavenders feel that if there is money, it should be used to obtain crystals, pretty clothes, ornamental jewelry, or other fanciful items.

Their ultimate pleasure is to support so that they can find the creative dreamers financially. They enjoy relaxing so; they are a free dream.


As they spend little time in their bodies, they can have frequent health problems, so lavender Aura individual needs to occasionally focus on their bodies, however, and to take care of them.  Balance is more important for Lavenders.

Lack of energy can cause the entire body to deteriorate. For Lavenders, floating in and out of their bodies can be advantageous to be fit. There are not even aware of nutrition, proteins, and their uses. If they feel distressed or in a discomfort manner, they leave their bodies.

Spending too much time, in reality, cause health problems for the Lavenders. Eating healthy foods and vegetable helps lavenders to become healthy so for lavenders, balance is essential.


It is all about Lavender aura meaning & personality. Lavenders simply called as the peaceful drivers. They are somewhat lazy and not be able to work for hours. They need partners who take care of them in hurdles and be with them at all time. So, guys, we find these types of people in very few amounts.

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