Hibiscus Flower Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Hibiscus flower implications incorporate vaporous magnificence, heartfelt love and enthusiasm, kinship, friendliness, and euphoria. The quintessential tropical flower, the hibiscus began in Asia and afterward advanced toward other warm places all over the planet, including Polynesia, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Florida, and the Caribbean. In addition to the fact that hibiscus flowers are thought of as gorgeous, they have huge profound implications in many societies.

Here, we’ll investigate all parts of hibiscus imagery and its importance, including hibiscus spiritual and color meaning. Also, I’ll give some data on developing hibiscus plants, their care, and their uses.

Hibiscus Flower Meaning: Womanliness

With wonderful flowers that reach from 4″ to 10″ in breadth, hibiscus flowers are images of womanliness and female excellence of every kind imaginable.

Hibiscus Flower Meaning

They address the power that femininity must be responsive. You can say that hibiscus flowers typify the pattern of energy attracting similar energy. By simply acting naturally, they draw in esteem and even wonder.

Transient Beauty

Hibiscus flowers sprout for just a single day on the plant, in this manner they are likewise images of the value of transient excellence. Like the butterfly and dragonfly spirit animals, the hibiscus flower advises you that at each second, something hallowed at state.

Since hibiscus flowers are images of ephemerality, they are likewise images of chance. They remind you to immediately take advantage of the opportunity, as it may not return once more.

Romantic Love and Enthusiasm

As a result of their dazzling red and hot pink flowers, hibiscus flowers likewise represent heartfelt love and friendship. These roses are the ideal gift for a darling. Also, assuming that you’re single, they are viewed as amazing good fortune for bringing more sentiment into your life and for assisting you with finding your perfect partner.

Hibiscus Imagery: Kinship and Friendliness

Hibiscus flower meaning likewise incorporates companionship, liberality, and accommodation. It’s not unintentional that Hawaiians remember these dazzling flowers for their leis. The hibiscus epitomizes the inviting soul of aloha.


The liveliness of hibiscus flowers is truly perceptible. These flowers are something contrary to contracting violets and they don’t stow away in distant spots. Along these lines, they are images of transparency and genuineness. Similarly, as they are inviting symbols, the hibiscus importance is decisive of genuine sentiments and a liberal soul.


It nearly should be obvious that the hibiscus flower meaning likewise incorporates happiness. Like music and craftsmanship, the hibiscus makes life more charming. Their splendid varieties cheer individuals up, and also, they likely make them contemplate taking a tropical getaway.

Spiritual Significance of the Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus’s importance incorporates femininity. In this way, on a spiritual level, these flowers are likewise images of the heavenly ladylike. Furthermore, it’s critical to take note that it’s smart for all kinds of people to embrace adjusted male and female energy. Female power incorporates the capacity to make and sustain life. In this way, developing and really focusing on hibiscus flowers is a method for regarding life on Earth.

The hibiscus emblem is likewise a supportive image for bringing more excellence, love, and sentiment into your life. Our spiritual journeys here on Earth can be loaded up with difficulties. However, similar to the hummingbird spirit animal, the hibiscus flower reminds us to perceive the magnificence and euphoria on our spiritual journeys too.

Related Spirit Animals

The hibiscus flower imparts quality and beneficial interaction with specific wild creatures and bugs. For instance, flowers have co-advanced with butterflies, and each depends on the other for endurance. Furthermore, the hibiscus has different collaborations with the butterfly spirit animal. Not exclusively are they incredibly gorgeous, but they are additionally both brief. In this way, the butterfly and the hibiscus are images of making the most of every opportunity and living at the time.

Also, the honey bee, the bat, and the hummingbird soul animals are firmly connected with the hibiscus flower. The hibiscus draws in hummingbirds, bats, and honey bees and feeds them with nectar. In return, these creatures expand the existence of the hibiscus flower by spreading its pollen.

Two other spirit animals share qualities with the hibiscus flower. One is the flamingo spirit animal, which additionally represents dynamic magnificence. Also, the other is the ocean turtle spirit animal, who is related to the jungles and quietness.

Hibiscus Flower Mythology and Mythology

The hibiscus flower shows up in the cultural mythologies of many societies where these lovely flowers can be found. Here is a portion of those accounts:

Polynesian and Hawaiian Hibiscus Flower Meaning

The hibiscus is the state flower of Hawaii, and it has extraordinary significance to Hawaiians and other Local Individuals of Polynesia.

Islanders wear hibiscus flowers behind their ears not exclusively to look delightful but to likewise tell would-be admirers about their relationship status. A hibiscus worn behind the left ear implies the lady is connected. While one worn behind the right ear shows she is single and accessible.

Furthermore, the Hawaiian Public decorate their leis with hibiscus and other tropical flowers as an inviting image of companionship.


The Filipino People tell the story of how the hibiscus flower became. Sometime in the distant past, a man named Gumeng went gaga for a Diwata named Mula. A Diwata is an otherworldly being who keeps an eye on the woodland and lives in streams, lakes, and caverns. (The Greek correlation is a water sprite.)

The love between a human man and a Diwata was prohibited by divine beings. Nonetheless, the two sweethearts couldn’t tolerate being separated from one another.

In this way, the Gods sent one of their evil presences to kill Gumeng. Surprising him, the evil presence set a knife in Gumeng’s back. He before long tumbled to the ground dying.


Similarly, as the hibiscus is Hawaii’s state flower, it’s likewise the national flower of Malaysia. In Malay, the hibiscus is called bunga raya, which makes an interpretation of freely to “festivity flower.” For the Malaysians, the various petals of the hibiscus represent variety in their country. Thus, the hibiscus is representative of the country’s Rukun Negara, which are the country’s core values.

Hibiscus Flower Importance in China

In China, the hibiscus is once in a while alluded to as the “China rose.” The flower likewise has emblematic significance in Chinese culture. These implications incorporate individual influence and notoriety, as well as abundance.


All things considered in Hawaii, hibiscus is importance to remember hospitality in Japan. Furthermore, it is emblematic of a delicate sort.

South Korea

Albeit the hibiscus is short-lived, in South Korea the flower represents immortality and the afterlife.

Hibiscus in India and Hindu Mythology

In India and in Hindu mythology, the red hibiscus is the flower of the goddess Kali as well as the divinity Ganesha.

The lively red shade of the hibiscus is emblematic of primordial energy, over which the goddess Kali rules. Thus, Hindu craftsmen frequently portray Kali as converging into a hibiscus flower.

As indicated by Hindu mythology, the god Ganesha showed individuals that the hibiscus has the ability to lift their cognizance to interface with the heavenly. Hindus honor both Kali and Ruler Ganesha with hibiscus flowers.

Hibiscus Importance in the Caribbean

In Jamaica, Trinidad, and other Caribbean islands, hibiscus petals are utilized in tea and imparted to visitors. What’s more, in Haiti, the hibiscus is a public image for cordiality all things considered in Hawaii.

Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, the god Adonis changed into a hibiscus to divert the goddesses Aphrodite and Persephone from battling with one another.

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