Daisy Flower Meaning, Symbolism & Mythology

Daisy flower significance and imagery incorporate fresh starts, trust, blamelessness, fun, friendship, and other sweet credits. Daisies are important parts of the Asteraceae group of Flowers, which incorporates more than 32,000 species. In view of their notoriety and the way that daisies can be found on each landmass with the exception of Antarctica, they are subjects in the folklore and legends of many societies all over the planet. This post will incorporate a portion of those accounts, as well as the daisy’s color and spiritual meanings.

What does a daisy represent?

Daisy Flower Meaning

Here is a fast rundown of what daisies represent. We’ll carefully describe the situation on these all through this post:

  • Fresh starts
  • Trust
  • Innocence
  • Fertility
  • Parenthood
  • Fun
  • Friendship
  • Constancy
  • Stardust

 Daisy Imagery: Fresh starts

All over the planet daisy Flowers are images of fresh starts. Sprouting in spring, these enchanting Flowers help us to remember new beginnings, daylight, and recharging. Along these lines, they are in many cases given as gifts or planted to invite new children into the world.

The name “daisy” really comes from an Old English term that means “day’s eye.” That’s what the explanation is, similar to lotus Flowers, daisies open up in the first part of the day to require in the day’s daylight and afterward close up again at night. In this way, the daisy advises us that with every day, there is a chance to start once more.


Since they represent fresh starts, daisy Flowers are likewise images of trust. They advise us that trust is quite possibly the most incredible asset we have for showing improved results and a superior world. Indeed, even frustrations can bring new opportunities. As the platitude goes, “When one door closes and another opens.”

Daisy Meaning: Innocence

As they are images of fresh starts and trust, the daisy and aster flower’s significance is likewise connected with honesty. Thus, these extraordinary Flowers are illustrative of infants and kids.

It’s essential to remember that guiltlessness can apply to grown-ups as well. Along these lines, daisy’s importance is likened to what the Buddhists portray as “having a beginner’s mind.” It means to exemplify an approach to being and a way to deal with life and circumstances with the interest and energy of a youngster. Along these lines, you benefit from having a new point of view.

Motherhood and Fertility

Similarly, as they are related to springtime, infants, and children, daisies likewise represent ripeness and parenthood. As a matter of fact, as you’ll find out later here, daisy Flowers were related to the Norse goddess Freya, who was a ripeness goddess.

Daisy Imagery: Fun

There is an easy viewpoint to daisy Flowers. They Flower in spring when nature is awakening, and they fill effectively in different circumstances. Also, these Flowers are not difficult to draw. As a matter of fact, they were presumably the main Flowers that a significant number of us drew as children.

As daisies are related to youngsters, they are likewise connected with fun and merriment. All things considered, kids normally love to giggle and live it up.


What number of us have culled the petals of a daisy as we played the game “He loves me, he loves me not” or “She adores me, she cherishes me not”? Since daisies fill effectively in numerous areas, they are much of the time the wildflowers picked immediately for a bouquet to provide for somebody you have eyes only for. Accordingly, the daisy Flower’s meaning likewise incorporates fondness and love.

As a matter of fact, in Victorian Britain, where flower imagery was a well known diversion, giving daisies to somebody implied that you returned their friendship.

Daisy Meaning: Fidelity

A considerable lot of us have made daisy chains by interfacing the stems of daisies together. This side interest returns many years, to when daisy chains were worn as head wreaths or belts. In any case, the daisy chain is in excess of a beautiful laurel, as they represent constancy and everlasting affection.


The Latin name for the Asteraceae group of Flowers comes from the Latin word for “star,” which is “aster.” These Flowers not just look like splendid stars, but they’re additionally named for the Greek goddess Astraea who transformed into a star. (You can read more about Astraea in the segment on Greek mythology.)

As images for stars, daisies help us to remember something central, which is that we as a whole started from a similar source.

Daisy Color Implications

Daisies arrive in different brilliant colors, and each has extraordinary implications. Here is a portion of those characteristics:

White Daisy Flower Implications

With their white petals and yellow centers, white daisies represent guiltlessness and other exemplary daisies characteristics, like children, parenthood, trust, and fresh starts. White daisies make exquisite gifts for unseasoned parents and babies.

Yellow Daisy Meaning

Like sunflower imagery, yellow daisies represent satisfaction, whimsical fun, trust, and the best of luck. They make wonderful gifts for companions or anybody whose spirits you need to lift.

Orange Daisy Flower Implications

Orange aster Flowers represent well-being, recuperation, and confidence. They likewise represent zany, strange fun.

Pink Daisies

Pink daisies represent friendship and love, including both dispassionate and heartfelt love. They are ideal gifts and beautiful to establish in gardens for new children, new mothers, or loved ones.

Red Daisy Flower Implications

Red daisy Flowers are positive images of riches and thriving. Moreover, as other red Flowers, they represent heartfelt love. Since the idea of these Flowers is cheerful and fun, red daisies make wonderful gifts for new pounds.

Likewise, as images of endlessness and loyalty, they make superb gifts for long-haul accomplices, particularly when you need to revive the flares in your sentiment or reconfirm your obligation to one another.

Purple Daisy Meaning

Numerous daisies come in purple tones. In this way, similar to orange daisies, purple aster Flowers represent kooky tomfoolery and immediacy. Moreover, as purple is the shade of harmony and understanding, as other purple Flowers, a purple daisy addresses the sort of trust and idealism that unites individuals and recuperates errors. In this way, a flower addresses solidarity.

Blue Daisy Implications

Likewise, with other blue Flower implications, blue daisies represent long-haul reliability and trust. They’re likewise useful images for perception. Like wishing on a star, zeroing in on a blue daisy in petition or reflection can assist you with quieting your brain and imagining positive results.

Green Daisy Flower Meaning

Green daisies represent fresh starts, re-establishment, and development. In this way, they are useful images for new imagination, business, or different undertakings.

Daisy Spiritual Implications

On an otherworldly level, daisy Flowers address profound confidence and the timeless existence of the spirit. They additionally address the likelihood that we as a whole have the chance to start once more, regardless of the missteps we’ve made before. As far as some might be concerned, they are additional images of resurrection.

Related Spirit Animals

Since they develop on each continent aside from Antarctica, the daisy assumes a significant part in the normal biological systems where they develop. Accordingly, they share collaborations with wild creatures and bugs in their normal living spaces.

For instance, bunnies and deer love to eat daisy Flowers. What’s more, bugs including ladybugs, insects, damselflies, and dragonflies go after the bugs that eat daisies. In this manner, they help to safeguard the existing power of the Flowers.

Moreover, birds, including finches, sparrows, cardinals, and towhees, are drawn to daisies since they eat their seeds or the bugs that live in their environments.

Moreover, the antiquated Greeks would dry and smash the roots of daisy Flowers and feed them to honey bees on the off chance that they were sick.

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