How to Read Auras for Beginners?

Modern lives are very complex for human beings. We are surrounded by gadgets that emit harmful rays that can affect our aura or energy fields around our bodies. Our human body is composed of 7 auric layers and seven chakras.

How To Read An Aura

How to Read Auras


The name of 7 auric layers is the ethereal body, Emotional body, mental body, astral layer, Etheric template, Celestial layer, and causal body. This auric layer determines the mental and emotional aspects of any human being. Human brain and body is a complex biological machine that is difficult to be understood completely.

Many researchers have compared brain signals to electromagnetic waves. These electromagnetic waves cover up the entire human body as a protective layer or outer covering known as the aura.

The aura awakening is when the body and mind realize the true potential and uniformity of nature and surrounding with the souls. This is like a spiritual awakening, which makes you feel energetic, vital, and positive. One must have a true knowledge of aura to read it carefully and identify our true potential.

Here are some tips for reading aura in simple ways.

  • Minute observation on the person’s peripherals: Let the person sit in front of you with a black background. Then start looking and the body edges and peripherals to ensure the minute light emitted after the body’s strike. These light are so small that the practice can only see it. However, if you have enough focused mind, then you can notify the aura immediately.
  • Read psychological books to raise your aura powers: Many young authors have described the awakening of aural powers of the human mind by the simple practice of yoga. You can read and get inspired by those books.
    Identify the colors of the emitted light from the person’s body:-Every color of the light emitted or perceived in the aural of a person has a specific meaning. The color of the aura identifies the personality, emotional and mental capabilities, and true potential of the body and mind.
  • Look at your palms in the morning as you wake up: It is seen that when we wake up, we are still in our subconscious mind and checking the aura at this time would be the best because this will not take much time to visualize the aura when our mind is in the state of the subconscious mind.
  • Mirror technique: Visualizing our body in the mirror is the best way to increase the aural powers. For this, we can wear uniform color clothes. It is recommended that beginners should use white-colored clothes as it can help in easy identification of aura.
  • Train your eyes: Yes, you heard it right. Eyes are the best medium to view a person; however, it becomes visible only after years of practice. To train our eyes, we can practice eye focusing on small living objects.

Benefits of aura awakening in the human mind

Benefits of aura awakening


  • Awakening of Chakras: Our body comprises seven chakras, namely root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, Throat, Third eye, and crown chakras. Each chakra is responsible for specific powers within the body. Hence awakening of chakras is extremely useful for human beings. By knowing the body’s aura, we can notice the chakras’ weak spots and start practicing yoga to empower that weakness. Read this article for chakra healing and benefits.
  • Brings positive thoughts: If the aura is black, you will have negative thoughts and emotions filled in your mind. You will have no hope and feel disliked and alone at the time of need. On the other hand, if your aura is white, you will have angelic power to manifest things easily into your life and have positive thoughts.
  • Manifest your cherished desires quickly: Human wants are unlimited, however, some need or want of human beings are very strong. These cherished desires can be fulfilled if we know our aural powers. The awakening of aural power is the best way to manifest our dreams into reality.

What is the significance of the colors in the aura of a person?

The color of the aura emitted or surrounded by the body represents their emotional and mental stability. We can know about their personality traits if we know the color of the aura around the person. Let us know about the different colors and their significance in detail.

  • Red: Red is the last color of the rainbow and has the highest wavelengths and smaller frequencies in electromagnetic waves. If you see the red aura surrounding a person’s body, he or she is well-grounded, energetic, and strong-willed.
  • Orange: Orange color is the second last color of the rainbow, which has a lesser wavelength than red austral waves. People with orange aura are adventurous, thoughtful, and considerate.
  • Yellow: Yellow color is a secondary color of the rainbow and has a lesser wavelength than orange. People with yellow aura are creative, relaxed, and friendly.
  • Green: Green is the primary color that symbolizes nature. A person who has a green aura is a social, communicator, and nurturing to others.
  • Blue: Blue is yet another primary color of the rainbow but has a lower wavelength than green aura. A person with a blue aura is an institutive, free thinker, and spiritual.
  • Indigo: Indigo is the secondary color of the rainbow that has a lesser wavelength than blue light waves. Those persons who have an indigo aura are curious, spiritually connected, and gentle.
  • Violet: Violet is the first color of the rainbow. This aura can be seen in those people who are wise, intellectual, and independent.

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Growing and developing our minds by aural powers and energetic fields can be the best solution for solving problems in modern lives. By knowing our aural powers, we will have self-realization and get inspiration to do things that are impossible for many people.

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