Aura Cleansing: How To Cleanse Your Aura From Negative Energy

Aura is filed around the physical body. It is like a magnet that picks up all the vibration around you irrespective of negative or positive. When there is too much negative energy around you, you experience and exhibits fragmentation, loss of luminosity ad stress.

How To Clean Your Aura

It is always important to clean your aura from all the negative energy and foreign vibrations. There are some mental and physical ways present to clean the aura, and we have covered some of the effective ways to clean your aura from negative energy.

How To Cleanse Your Aura From Negative Energy?

Mental Cleansing Remove All Negative Thought

The best way to clean your aura is to mentally visualize all the negative energy and get rid yourself from all of it that hurts your soul and peace of your mind.

For that, sit in a quiet corner of your home or somewhere where no one will disturb you. Sit in such a position where you get maximum comfort and relaxation. Now relax for 15 minutes, close your eyes, and do breathing exercises.

Stay conscious of what you are doing. Concentration inhales and exhales while breathing. You can do meditation as well.

Once you find yourself find completely relax and can able to see while the right form in mind then allow it to surround your body from toe to head. Visualize the same moving up, down and back.

Cleanse with Water

Water has wonderful healing and cleaning property for aura as well as energy. You can either take a physical bath or wash of water or visualize water running over your body and cleansing your aura.

Take a shower or go under the natural waterfall and let the water flow each inch of your body from head to toe. With the disappearing water, As you watch, the water disappears down, you can breathe freely. Imagine the trouble are also flowing with water, and your mind becomes free from stress.

Go under salt water soak treatment as it is a good way to give cleansing to your aura. Salt has wonderful properties for healing the body. Even you can swim in salt water or do Epsom salt soak.

The rain also has excellent cleansing properties. Walk in the rain, look up to the sky. Breathe the air and fell the fragrance of soil. Let the raindrops to cover your face. Do not follow this method during an electrical storm.

You can also meditate and imagine that waterfall flowing over you and a white light covers you and washes all the pain and negative energy. Allow the cleansing to make you filled with energy and light.

Smudge Your Aura

It is a Native American ritual. Here the smoke from the herb or white sage is used to cleanse the aura. Light the end of the bundle or stick and wait till smoke comes out. It will produce smoke.

Now encircle the stick around your body. Reach up and down, back and front. The smoke will cleanse and penetrates your energy field. You can also use herbs like sage, sweetgrass, lavender, or other smudging herbs. Breathe the smudged air gently.

Protect Your Aura

After cleaning the aura, you have to protect it from negative energy. You can do it by surrounding yourself with more positive people a positive activity. Stay away from evil-minded and negative people.

Find such positive people who have a smile on the face, who is always ready to help others and have a kind soul. These kinds of people can bounce back the negativity from your aura.

Feather Whisk

Another physical way is to use feathers of turkey or an owl. You can either use single feather or whisk of a feather. Sweep the feather to your body. Behind at your feet and go upward similar to the motion of birds flying. Take help of your friend for backside or for the physical area where you can’t reach easily.

Wind and Sun

In the Greek, aura means breath and breeze. You can take the help of the wind to clean your aura. Go outside and face the wind and outstretched arms.

Close your eyes and let the wind to cover and pass your body. It will remove all stuck negative energy and pour positivity and exhilaration. Give a spin to your body in grass or lawn.

So all these are tips to remove negative energy from your body. Pay attention to your thoughts and always focus on the bright side of everything.

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