Angel Number 88 – Meaning and Symbolism

Are you someone who believes in the existence of angels and feels that they’re present everywhere near you? Or do you think that their existence is something next to impossible? Even though you may belong to the latter group, you will still experience their choicest blessings, no matter what. The angels are certainly going to protect you, help you and guide each and every soul, regardless of whether they are their believers or non-believers.

Angel Number 88 Meanings – Why Are You Seeing 88

Angel Number 88 Meaning

The angels mostly use signs to lure our attention. They keep repeating this number often in front of you till you push yourself to know the meaning and significance of that number. While there are several other ways in which angels can communicate with us, numbers are probably the most common and easiest ways of communicating.

Each number has its own symbolic meaning and they also have energy of their own. They all carry a special message for all of us. In case you’re someone who sees the number 88 way too often, you’ve clicked on the right post.

Number 88 – What is the meaning of this number?

The number 88 is an extremely powerful number and it comprise of the amplified energy of the number 8. The number 8 is a number that symbolizes dependability, patience, authority, power, good judgment, practicality, ambition, manifestation of wealth, inner wisdom, responsibility, justice and discipline.

This number also signifies the approach that is taken towards achieving some of the toughest business goals. This number symbolizes analysis, intuition, efficiency, balance, business, introspection and efficiency. It also signifies creating abundance and accumulation of wealth. The number 88 indicates looking forward to finding solutions to problems.

Symbolism and Secret Meaning of Angel Number 88

The angel number 88 is a number that has got an extremely powerful vibration and at the same time it signifies progress, achievement, success and abundance. This is also the number of Universal Spiritual laws of Cause and Effect and Karma. This angel number signifies prosperity and abundance in our life. The number also reminds you to create a solid foundation for your financial future.

The angels always want you to know that you have their back no matter what and that they’re always ready to help you in any situation. They’re trying to let you know that there’s abundance coming into your life and that your efforts will be answered soon. It also indicates the ending of a situation or a bad phase in your life. The angels are telling you to be prepared to adapt to life’s new circumstances. This number indicates the end of a career phase and the beginning of a new phase.

Angel Number 88 and its relation with Love

As already mentioned above, angel number 88 brings forth different kinds of emotional changes to your life. In case you’re into a bad relationship that is turning out to be toxic, then seeing this number is a sign that this phase will be over soon. In case you’re alone, you will most probably meet someone who is rather too important in your life.

Your emotional standards will get better in the near future and hence you needn’t be depressed or lonely about your current situation. Your angels are sending you number 88 to encourage you and to tell you that everything that will happen to you will happen for your good. You’ll soon be able to choose a happy life.

Your angels are also trying to tell you to believe in your personal abilities. Don’t forget that the angels will love you and hence you have to open up your heart and embrace all changes that are going to come your way. Angel number 88 is hugely connected with love and it will remind you that love is probably the most vital thing in our life.

Interesting Facts on Number 88

There’s no denying the fact that the number 88 is the number that follows the number 87 and preceds 89 but there are certain interesting facts regarding the number that you may not know. In the world of mathematics, the number 88 is a hexadecagonal number and also the refactor-able number.

The number 88 is the atomic number of chemical element radium and the planet Mercury needs 88 days to complete its entire orbit. It is known that in the Chinese culture, the number 88 is considered as a number of good luck. In this language too, the number 88 can be used with the meaning ‘bye bye’. This number is also used in SMS messages and in chats.

Number 88 is often mentioned in songs like Rocket 88 and this was produced by the band with the same name, 88 Lines about 44 Women. This is a famous song by the band named ‘The Nails’ or simply the song 88 by the band Sum 41. One more thriller movie that you can mention is 88 Minutes in which Al Pacino has the main role. Apart from that, there is another Canadian thriller film called 88.

What should you do when you see angel number 88?

Now that you are aware of the meaning of number 88, it is no longer tough to understand a message that your guardian angels are trying to send you. When you start seeing this number,  you may expect a period of abundance and good luck to enter your life. You have to follow your gut, your intuition and your heart.

The number 88 is reminding you that you own everything that is necessary in life and hence all that you have to do is move forward towards your goals. Just have faith in yourself and in your guardian angels. The angels will give you whatever you deserve and also shower their choicest blessings on you.

Therefore, if you’re still seeing the angel number 88 wherever you go and you feel that the number is following you, you needn’t fret. Just refer to the meaning of the number and know what your angels are trying to communicate with you through this number.

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