14 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

We all know that the angels are always around us and there are many people who never have believed in angels but they still receive the guidance and support. Though they are not aware of the presence of guardian angels, they still keep helping us in numerous ways.

Sometimes, it can be a silent voice within our heads that is telling us to not go somewhere or an unexplainable urge to prompt you to do something.

The Meaning of Angel Number 14 (Fourteen)

Angel Number 14

Since angel numbers are not able to appear in front of you directly, they take resort to various ways of communication. Among the different ways, the most common method is through numbers.

Every single number or sequence of numbers has a special symbolic meaning. There are times when angels decide to send guidance through the angel number 14.

In case the angel number 14 keeps appearing too often, more than once in a day, it is definitely a sign that your angels are trying their best to convey an important message to you through that number. Read on to know more on the meaning and symbolism of angel number 14.

Number 14 – Its meaning

The angel number 14 is a number of change and transformation. People who are influenced and guided by this number are always in continuous movement and they are reckless and independent. These people also tend to have great skills of communication and are convincible.

People who are influenced by angel number 14 have to adapt and accept changes that occur in their lives while retaining a focus and balance on their life’s goals.

This is why they need to be adaptable and flexible. People who are guided by angel number 14 should learn to adapt to the changes of life and also accept these in their lives. They maintain a strong focus and balance on their goals.

They need to be adaptable and flexible as they often end up making dangerous and strange experiments that makes them dip into chaotic situations.

There are times when these people have a poor influence on others and they require controlling the tendency. These people are open to change and can get bored in case there’s nothing new happening in your lives. Frequent travelers and entrepreneurs are mostly influenced by the number 14.

Symbolism and Secret Meaning of Angel Number 14

The angel number 14 is deemed to be a number of karmic debts. This number signifies all sorts of unpredictable circumstances and situations that keep on changing constantly.

This number also signifies overindulgence and co-dependency issues. How can you overcome the negative meaning that is associated with this number? Well, you have to practice modesty and be honest in life.

The other thing that you have to keep in mind is trying to maintain emotional stability and also an organized life.

These people have to be watchful about their actions as their actions usually have a long-lasting impact on their near future. The number 14 resonates with people who need to learn the gifts like balance, independence and self-control.

Symbolics of number 14 in the realm of angel numerology has correspondence in the world of astrology. The angel number 14 is related to planet Mercury and it is the symbol of Sagittarius. This planet signifies instant conversion and the Sagittarius is popular for its hesitant nature and active character.

Angel number 14 is a unique number that is linked to travel, knowledge and exploring the unknown territory and it is the ninth house in horoscope. The angel number 14 represents intense energy that has to be directed properly to the right direction lest it gets destructive.

The vibration of number 14 strive the carrier for a deeper understanding of the current situation. With the help of spiritual development, the people can direct their energy to gain wisdom and understand the universe fully. Individuals with this number are more interested in religion, philosophy and art.

They usually have lots of ideas, rich imagination, vitality and energy. People guided by the number 14 think deep and their strength can sometimes get overpowering for others.

During their lifespan, the number fourteens can overcome all sorts of deep desires and there won’t be a limit towards achieving success. They should maintain balance between the different aspects of life and combine vitality, creativity and energy.

What happens when you see angel number 14 too often?

If you constantly keep seeing angel number 14, this means that your angels want you to move forward with caution, particularly with relation to your personal finances.

This will always be a trying time but very soon you’ll realize where and how people are loyal. Your angels will warn you about where you are investing your money. This is the time to review your spending habits and do things for better.

Angel Number 14 and Love

The angel number 14 signifies spiritual growth and love. If you constantly keep seeing the number 14, this means that your search for your special person in life will soon give you proper results.

Very soon, you’ll embark on a journey that will take you to the person with whom you’d want to spend your life. Regardless of whether you are ready to take on love, it looks like love will surely find you.

Your angels want you to prepare yourself to share the journey of life with the special person. However, you need to know that meeting this new person may change your life for the better. You currently have a partner in life who can support you when you lift up your dreams and when you feel down.

It can’t be denied that love is the ultimate source of power and when you have the gift of love waiting in front of you, you should be able to accept it.

Your guardian angels are actually asking you to share yourself with others and let them know how wonderful you are. When you give love, you will also receive love.

Therefore, now that you know that you know the influence and impact of the angel number 14, you should take into account the above mentioned significance and meaning of the numbers and let it have an according impact in your life.

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