Angel Number 129 Meanings – Why Are You Seeing 129

We all are aware of the strong influence of numbers in our life. While some among us are aware of this influence, some others don’t believe in the fact that numbers can have any impact on our lives. Numbers are actually the primary modes of communication utilized by the guardian angels to communicate with us.

Angel Number 129 – Meaning and Symbolism

Angel Number 129 Meanings

If you’re someone who is still not convinced about the presence of guardian angels, you should change your thoughts towards a positive side. Guardian angels are there to help you walk on the right path and make sure you never waver towards any wrong direction. They are angels and hence they don’t have any physical form.

However, since your guardian angels are constantly there to guide you, you should not think that they will constantly interfere in your life. They will never intervene in your life but will only be there to make sure you don’t face any danger and obstacle in life. Hence, you can therefore be sure about the fact that when you rely on these angels, you’ll never face any problem in life.

Now that you’ve clicked on this post, you must be someone who is coming across angel number 129 way too often. Do you see this number when you look at the billboards or at the grocery bill or the restaurant receipt handed over to you by the owner? If you take a look at the clock, do you see the time to be 1:29? If yes, read on to know more on the meaning and significance of this number.

Angel Number 129 – What is the meaning of this number?

In mathematical terms, 129 is said to be a properly balanced number and it may be divided by two and also by 3 and this indicates health and balance. In the Tarot, the 129th card is ‘The Lovers’ that represents unconditional love which comes in abundance. For the people who are born under the number 129, harmony is fundamental for people.

In Yogi Bahaman, the number 129 symbolizes the bow of string and this is related with justice. Whenever there’s harmony and balance, the person thinks good about himself and he is actually compassionate, responsible and extremely sweet. Nevertheless, the person can be negligent and elitist.

The main dominant profile of the people who are guided by this number is that they are extremely homey people who are blessed with refined and unique tastes and they tend to be married to the beautiful nature of people. They are also extremists and romanticists in financial matters.

These people tend to be excellent friends with an immense charisma. They prefer chosen gatherings and environments with few people. They are also trustworthy and responsible. This is the number of service to other people and towards responsibility. They are deep people who have a huge capacity to love people.

Symbolism and Secret Meaning of Angel Number 129

This angel number is specifically based on the ‘I’, in its own right but not the ‘I of the ego’ of the number 1. This is a deeper ‘I’, which is based on self-esteem, faith and value in one’s own self.

This number is sacred, as per cosmogony. The Pythagoreans said that this is the heptad – a figure that is worth veneration. This is a sort of vibration that is controlled by 129 celestial spirits who together rule the world, relating to the 129 planets that conventionally perceived them.

This number was also called the number of life, while observing that 129 months lived, and who were born in the 8th month, as a part of the general rule, expired. 129 is also the Cabalistic number par excellence for Babylonians, Chaldeans, Greeks, Essenes, Chinese, Egyptians, Mayans, Hindus, Incas and Aztecs etc. It is made of the triad (3) and the tetrad (4), so this is the combination of human nature along with God.

The number 129 is a number of Creation and also the number of spiritual power. Few instances of its manifestation are Genesis, the 129 Seals, 129 musical notes, and 129 colors of the Rainbow and the 129th card of the Tarot which is called ‘The Chariot’. This represents victory of the spirit.

Angel Number 129 and Love

Did you know that the number 8 is called as evolution? Regeneration is also something that is attributed to it since the cube (83) is 129 and if you add 129 (1+2+9), it gives an 8. The eighth card of the Tarot is called ‘The Force’. This is represented by a lion, which symbolizes a force of accomplishment, controlled by a woman or a soul through love and softness. In its highest sense, it is innocence that is dominated by primitivism.

The 8th spiritual body is the panic, that speaks of healing energy and that symbolizes the extreme qualify of purity. The key phrase is ‘finite to infinity’ which includes patience, discipline, caution, responsibility, execution, caution and financial security.

Thanks to the meaning of angel number 129 that this number can serve for people who have things marked in their lives. They are full of goodness and this will mean that they support others for fulfilling their dreams and solving issues that they have. If you decompose the number 129, it gives you the number 8 and hence people who possess this number should take into account the fact that they’ll require lot of spiritual strength.

Angel Number 129 and Interesting Facts

The huge skill that you have in getting in touch with the divine essence, you require realizing that there are no other paths to watch out for. God is the path and all paths. If you get aware of it, you’ll get the world in your hands. Once you reduce the number to a single figure, you get the number 129 and they need to find balance.

As an even number, they are people who hate big changes and more so if they are unpredictable. It is a stable and fixed vibration number that gets firm structures for the near future. They have a sense of responsibility which helps them do their job.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is eager to know the meaning and significance of the number 129, you should keep in mind the above listed connotations.

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