Angel Number 120 – Meaning and Symbolism

Is angel number 120 showing up in your life experience? If yes, then it definitely serves as a message sent by the guardian angels to tell you that it is time to take an initiative in undertaking a project of some type. If you’ve been waiting for the inspiration to bring a creative project to fulfillment, angel number 120 will serve as the medium of communication from angels and the Ascended Masters.

Angel Number 120 Meaning: Develop New Skills

Angel Number 120 Meaning

Similar to the number 134, the angel number 120 can also come as a sign that it is high time you enter into collaboration with someone if you wish to bring in all sorts of creative ideas into being. This collaboration can be as simple as forming an alignment with the divine beings. Whenever this strong angel number shows up in life, you should take a quiet moment to align your thoughts and ideas with the source energy.

In case you’re someone who is often seeing the angel number 120 too often and you feel that the number is following you, read on the concerns of this post.

Angel Number 120 – What does it mean?

When you try to understand the meaning behind an angel number and also the message that the number carries, you should analyze the meaning of the individual numbers which compose the angel number. As it is seen, the angel number 120 is made of numbers 1, 2 and 0.

Number 1 is a sign of new beginnings, fresh new start, being assertive, being a pioneer and leading the initiative. This number denotes uniqueness, independence, striving forward and progressing in life.

This number has got strong vibrations of strength and ambition. This number has vibrations of expressing through integrity and honesty. Its colors are yellow and red. This number relates to happiness, positivity, love and inspiration. This is a number of those who have proper ability to use the divine resources and proper ambition.

Number 1 represents knowing how to stand independently and develop independence and this is deemed to be introvert and masculine number. Number 1 is the number where all sorts of manifestations begin and fresh directions, new actions and ideas start. It represents several new opportunities, the ability to step out of your comfort zone and create your own future.

Number 1 is the number of ‘new’ and all kinds of manifestations start from this number. This is connected to 2 tarot cards and these are the Magician and the Sun card. Number 2 is the number of people who are good friends, diplomats, peace-makers and good friends. It is linked with understanding and serving others, support, cooperation and adaptability.

It represents well-mannered, harmonious and supportive people who focus on the minute details of things. The colors that are associated with this number are orange and blue. This is a number denotes moving towards the life purpose and also your soul mission. This number is linked with harmony, balance, trust and faith.

It can be related to flexibility and duality and this is also related to intuition, subconscious and grace. Number 2 is connected to the meditation and subconscious and it symbolizes beauty and nature. This is related to the High Priestess tarot card and the Moon tarot card.

Symbolism and secret meaning of angel number 120

Angel number 120 is a perfect message from the angels that tell you that anything old and this need to be changed to allow all sorts of new things to come into your life. This might be tough and it might seem like an obstacle which consumes your time but the guardian angels are telling you that anything that is an obstacle now will become a disguise later on in life.

All sorts of new experiences will bring back positive opportunities and favorable effects to improve yourself and make noteworthy changes in your life. The guardian angels are always working to ensure that everything works in your favor and takes you towards highest good in life. The upshots and consequences are favorable and they’re certainly beneficial for you. Hence this is the reason to not be scared about your future as the angels are there to help you out.

Angel Number 120 and its relationship with Love

Angel Number 120 is like an encouragement to work hard on uplifting your level of confidence and love yourself first. In case you feel the requirement of constant expressions of love and admiration from your love partner, this means that you’re insecured and you can seek confirmation for your worth.

You have to take out some time for yourself and perform only those things that will make you happy and satisfied. Explore things and learn about yourself and you’ll learn how to love everything. Make sure you are free from all kinds of shackles of insecurity so that you may enjoy life to the fullest.

This will crush down all kind of impediments that make it tough for you to allow your potential partner or anyone who is close to you. Learn to see yourself as a loving and strong person. You’ll achieve tranquility and harmony and you’ll be able to do it faster when you invest yourself. Focus on few special dates. In case of a romantic wedding or a date, concentrate on dates like 2nd, 112th, 12th, 20th and even 22nd.

Interesting Facts about Angel Number 120

You’re familiar with all the meanings and symbolism of angel number 120 and hence now it is time to know some interesting facts on this number.

120 is a composite number that comprise of 3 distinct prime numbers which are multiplied together.

It has got a total of 16 divisors and their sum is 360. The aliquot sum is 240.

120 is also the smallest number that appears 6 times in Pascal’s triangle.

In binary code, it is written as 11110000 and in Roman numerals, it is written as CXX.

Therefore, when you’re someone who constantly sees the angel number 120, believe in your intuition. Don’t let yourself be held by the past incidents as that will hinder your progress towards the future. Have faith in yourself and also in the angels so that you don’t have to face any hurdles in life.

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