Angel Number 118 – Meaning and Symbolism

Have you been experiencing strange occurrences like seeing the same number patterns or numbers wherever you look – on doors, buildings, receipts, bills and license plates? If yes, you needn’t fear about it. This is the usual way in which the angels communicate with mortals since they don’t have a physical form. The angels arrange things for us in such a manner that we start seeing the same number time and again unless we realize that this is not a coincidence.

Angel Number 118 Meaning: Wealth And Richness

Angel Number 118 Meaning

Every number has its own specific significance and meaning and hence gives you a special message for your current life situation. When you see these numbers, you should remember your thoughts as that may give you added information on the particular area of your life that the angel is referring to.

If you’re someone who is seeing angel number 118 wherever you look and you feel that the number is following you, you should take into account the details on the number mentioned in this article. Read on.

Angel Number 118 – What is its meaning?

As long as the angel number 118 is concerned, it is a combination of the attributes and energy of the numbers 1, 8 and the Master Number 11. The number 1 is a number that speaks of motivation, new beginnings, success, progress, new projects, leaderships, assertiveness, intuition, initiative and instinct.

The Master Number 11 is linked to spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awakening and karma. This is that master number which asks you to go within and discover the true mission and purpose of your soul.

The number 8, on the other hand, signifies abundance of wealth in our lives. This is a number that also signifies good judgment, confidence, serving humanity, wisdom and the laws of receiving and gibing. This is also the number of Karma and Universal Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect

Therefore, it can be said that the number 118 speaks of intuition, initiative, spiritual awakening, karma and spiritual enlightenment. You may also know that it is good to start off with a spiritually based profession.

The people who are guided by the angel number 118 are independent, true leaders and are also self-sufficient. They are evolved spiritually and often seek different professions in various areas. They utilize their abilities to assist others. They are the ones who enjoy new projects and who incline towards gaining abundance and wealth in life.

Symbolism and Secret Meaning of Angel Number 118

The angel number 118 is a message that is sent by your guardian angels. The angels give you the encouragement and support on your present path. The angels, through this number, remind you to think positive and the financial issues and imagine the abundance and prosperity that is coming your way.

It is your feelings and thoughts that create the reality and hence you shouldn’t forget to release the fears that worry you about your current financial situation. The angels want you to have high aims and objectives and the universe along with the angels will be there to let you achieve your desires and goals, no matter how tough and impossible they are.

The guardian angels will make you believe in yourself and also in your abilities to get whatever you put your mind and soul into. They are trying to guarantee you that only the good things are waiting for you in the future. The desires that you have are manifesting into reality and you can become a witness of that.

Angel Number 118 and Love

The angel number 118 symbolizes abundance and whenever this number starts appearing in your life, you expect abundance in several areas of your life and this also means your love life. This is a number that signifies new and fresh beginnings in love and hence you have to be prepared with an open heart to welcome love in your life.

In case you’re already in a committed relationship, this is a number that indicates renewal of feelings between you and your partner. So, if you’re in love, you have to understand that this is the number that will bring in all kinds of positive news.

Angel Number 118 and Numerology Facts

In the world of numerology, the essence of this number 118 is abundance and spirituality. If you reduce this number into a single digit, you get the number 1 and this is why the number resonates with the vibrations and energies of 8 and 1.

The number 8 symbolizes wealth, abundance, spiritual universal laws and karma. The number 1, on the other hand, signifies determination, grit, leadership, exploring new things, independence and new beginnings. Since the number 1 appears twice, its energy is amplified and 1 is also a consequence of adding all digits in a number.

Being a blend of all these energies, the number 118 seems to symbolize abundance and helping others in using all sorts of spiritual abilities. People who resonate with 118 are independent people and they have good leadership qualities. They prefer starting their own projects without the help of others.

They have a strong initiative and are work-oriented. They are inclined towards gaining wealth and abundance but they also seem to be interested in spiritual professions where they could use their natural abilities and gifts to help others.

Seeing Angel Number 118

What do you need to do when you suddenly start seeing the angel number 118 everywhere? Well, you need to consider yourself really lucky. This is a number that will indicate the enhancement of your financial future. The angels are telling you to trust the circumstances which are moving in the right direction as long as finances are concerned. Make sure you have faith and release all negative thoughts.

The angels want you to be patient so that you can wait for the right things to come into your life. Lose all fears as the angels are there to take on your stress. Remember that the present circumstances are nothing but temporary and they’ll be soon replaced with better things.

Therefore, now that you know the meaning and significance of the angel number 118, you should be aware of the messages that your guardian angels are trying to send you. Have faith in your angels and lead a happy life.

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