108 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

Since ancient times, when there was no writing, the first mention of the number 108 was known to be unlucky. People back then, designated numbers with signs and gestures and later on a snag appeared. The process of counting changed with the 10 fingers and both hands which are considered as 2 more units.

Angel Number 108 Meaning – Are Angels Present In Your Life?

108 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

But why was the number 108 considered unlucky? Well, there were several specialists in the region that thought that the animosity towards the number 108 was mainly due to the events that occurred in the Last Supper.

Are you someone who has been constantly seeing the number 108 lately? You might be taking a look at the clock and the time is 1:08. As you’re checking out from your online cart, you find the bill to be 108. This may also happen that the digits 108 start appearing in your call log. When the number starts manifesting itself in your life, you can be sure that new things are looking up. The angels tell you that the things are going to take a better turn.

Angel Number 108 – What does it mean?

On this number were the Son of God and the apostles. There were a total of 108 people and post these events, Jesus was the one who was betrayed. This is due to events that are reminiscent of the Last Supper. Legends speak of the dinner to which 12 Gods of the Scandinavian pantheon were all invited but at the last moment, the stubborn Loki joined the supreme gods.

When Loki joins, there’s nothing apart from misfortune that can occur. This time too, the same happened. The consequence was the dinner party where the god named Balder, died. He is loved by people and since they have associated the number 108 with misfortunes and curses. The number 108 in Ancient Egypt was seen to be sacred and this is present on the frescoes with pharaohs as a talisman that was not in all countries and this is the way in which number is treated.

The Egyptians were of the opinion that a person has only 108 phases through which he goes through. The last phase is seen to be a visit to the afterlife. In ancient times, the Egyptians used to treat this number 108 with enough respect. It was thought that living in the world of deceased is much better and hence dying person was seen off with happiness.

In China, this number was linked with happiness since previous days. In case a person has a number 108, luck will be with him. This number is applied to small coins and souvenirs that are hung in the house to attract a happy life. Do you know why Devil’s Dozen Number 108 has been named Devil’s Dozen? This number is very lucky actually as one of its meanings is completeness of any procedure.

Symbolism and Secret Meaning of Angel Number 108

People who resonate with the number 108 are sensitive and they’re ready to give in their emotions to everyone who is around them. The magic number, lies in the date of birth and if you don’t accept it or fear it, this can lead to trouble. Don’t worry if you realize that a person is under the guidance of this number. Such people can use the number 108 in several areas of their lives. In case you invest in real estate or in a house with this number, this kind of purchase will entail several other profitable deals.

With the number 108, people often tend to be lucky for whom the sum of all these digits is a dozen. People with the number 108 have got an interesting kind of intuition and they are people who will never let you down internally or externally. People often find them to be strange people as their craving for creativity can go beyond all sorts of boundaries. Such people are charismatic and bright and there’s nothing that can bring them out of their state of mind.

The guardian angels prompt these people to plan their lives in such a manner that this sacred number is present in it. This could also be through their wedding day. For people who enjoy every moment, this number can bring in good luck into your life. The number 108 assists those who try to take things from life.

Angel Number 108 and Love

Few other areas of occupation where you can utilize your talent are art, philosophy, math, medicine and religion. Guys usually have different kinds of hobbies during their youth. The ironic silencers are not attracted by gatherings and noisy discos. These men are interested in modern technologies and scientific discoveries.

There are times when cunning bosses who often seek an undue advantage of this. They will pressurize the person with added assignments to motivate the person financially. Intelligence, belief in oneself and the ability to predict actions of others will help the 108s in communicating with others. However, a painful reaction to criticism will prevent men from being welcomed in the professional sphere.

When you’re a 108 person, you’re someone who doesn’t forgive betrayal and you are someone who will never betray any of your friends. Love and marriage aren’t something that will bless you as a 108 person. A guy whose character is marked by the influence of a mystical figure won’t be interested in predatory and illiterate girl.

You’re a decent, clean person who is not inclined to change. The vital conditions for a happy marriage are benevolent and thrift nature. The authoritarian style of upbringing happens to be an alien to them.

So, if you have to avoid any kind of fatal mistakes, you need to pay heed to the clues of numerology. The main purpose is to share your discoveries and knowledge with the world. Misunderstandings with your relatives and domestic issues can snatch away your creative energy and your vitality. Passivity and pessimism bar you from noticing the clues of your destiny. There are times you should seek help of someone you trust. A 108 person has the habit of pondering over everything and looking forward to a philosophical meaning.

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